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New Features Release November 2016

The PerfectMind development team has been hard at work to bring you features to help attract new members, connect your community and keep your business running efficiently. The features below start rolling out Thursday, November 24th.


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You can now generate and view reports on the daily cash flow of all tills throughout your organization. Filter the reports with a wide range of display options such as date, location, payment method, station, and user. This enables you to easily track transactions from each till and staff member separately. Identify which tills collect the most cash in your facility and which cashiers process the highest volume of transactions each day.

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Choose specific times or set a 24-hour period for facility operation hours and fees. When selecting all-day operational hours, the open and close times for your facility are automatically updated, along with any fees valid for that day. Allow a fee to reoccur by selecting to ignore the year in which it was created. Set a fee to begin in January and end in April, such as a seasonal fee. When you ignore the year, the fee becomes annual.

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You can choose to allow PMScan to automatically attempt to log back in when it has logged out due to service downtime. Automatic Login ensures that access to the PMScan functions continue to work at any time of the day, including off-hours when staff members are not available. With PMScan continuously running, not only will your customers always have access to your 24-hour facility, you'll also be able to accurately capture attendance information and never miss revenue generated from punch pass memberships.

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When your staff member is entering lots of data, it's easy to make mistakes. When an address has been entered, PerfectMind will validate it to ensure the address is correct. If the address cannot be verified, a popup appears with the option to edit the address field or disregard and proceed.

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New Enterprise-Only

The online booking process is now more visual and interactive for your staff and customers. Create a facility or park map showing an overview of the physical space, facility and rental details, nearby amenities, and booking availability. Your customers will be able to conveniently view and search the spaces available for rent with the new interactive map that you can create and customize for camp grounds, courts, marinas, indoor facilities and more.

Your customer wants to plan a pool party for her 8-year old daughter at your facility. Using the map, she can see where all the swimming pools are relative to the rest of the facilities, and check for nearby meeting rooms to rent out. The map will also show her where the washrooms are, and if the facility entrances and parking are close by - enabling her to pick the most convenient area for a kid's party.

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You can now generate and view a report showing individual attendees and the revenue from their attended punch pass packages, along with sessions conducted by a given instructor. Knowing the specifics of how much revenue is generated by each trainer, service, and event can help you determine pay incentives such as commission based on revenue from punch passes.

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The GL Journal will be automatically adjusted for rescheduled invoices. As an enterprise client, you can now edit membership statuses.


View Fees with New Layout

The Fees page layout has changed for easier viewing. View 25 records by default with options for viewing 50 or 100. Names are now organized alphabetically with details on drop-in or resident status with organization names. In addition, recurring parameters of a fee can now be made.

Edit Reservation Details

As an enterprise user, it's now easy to view and edit reservation session details such as the date, start/end times, and related facilities. Edit the fee associated with specific sessions to override calculated fees based on pre-determined service or facility rates.

Add to an Existing Contract with Advanced Reservation

When additional reservations are added to an existing reservation, the Advanced Reservation system is now used. Additional enhancements have been made to give you greater customization and meet all your facility reservation needs as an enterprise user. Now you can simply search and edit an existing facility contract under Advanced Reservation, allowing you to change fee types, overwrite fees for any day, and add extras to the existing contract.

Group Activity Registration Summary Report by Fees

As an enterprise user, you can now group the activity registration summary report by fees. Reviewing how much revenue each of your different fees are generating for your organization will help you evaluate the performance of your facility's current pricing structure.

View Event Roster with New Details by Session or Series

You can now create event roster reports by session or by series as an enterprise user. You can issue a different roster for every class or create a course report broken down by each class, with a wide range of display and filtering options such as address, birthday and registration status.

Identify Registrant Details on Course Revenue Report

As an enterprise user, you can now view the percentage of registered participants who are residents or members on the course revenue report, allowing you to identify the sources of revenue generated by the respective groups.


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