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Perfect Partners: The City of Medicine Hat | PerfectMind

Located southeast in the province of Alberta, the thriving City of Medicine Hat is situated in the beautiful prairie landscape of Canada. Named for its richness in natural resources, ‘The Gas City’ receives more days of sunshine than any other Canadian city.


The city prides itself in being a ‘community of choice’, and serves its diverse community with a range of fitness, health and wellness programming. With a sunshine state of mind, the City of Medicine Hat keeps its 63,000 residents healthy through 57 locations with an assortment of indoor and outdoor recreation spaces. Coupled with leisure initiatives to promote an active, environmentally-conscious lifestyle, the city strives to provide activites that are both accessible and affordable.


As one of the first Canadian cities to go live with PerfectMind, we’re honored to share their story. In this feature of our Perfect Partner series, the City of Medicine Hat highlights how they’ve used our recreation management software to support and connect with their community.



We'd like to thank the City of Medicine Hat, for sharing their experience and working closely with our development, implementation and training teams to satisfy the unique needs of their citizens and staff while helping us to improve our product and services for all municipalities.


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Flory Huang
Flory Huang

Flory Huang is the Communications Specialist and media contact for PerfectMind. She brings a diverse set of content creation, branding, and design experience. She completed her BA in User Experience Design with a Minor in Communications and is also a BCRPA Personal Trainer.

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