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PerfectMind Continues to Win Major Public Sector Enterprise Clients in Canada and the U.S. | PerfectMind

Chilliwack School District, Los Gatos-Saratoga Recreation, and Olds College say PerfectMind's software is easy to use, saves money, streamlines business processes and improves the customer experience.


Vancouver, B.C., July 08, 2015 - PerfectMind's member management software was recently selected by the Chilliwack School District in British Columbia, Los Gatos-Saratoga Community Education and Recreation (LGS Recreation) in California, and Olds College in Alberta because it is simple to use, improves the customer experience, and increases organizational efficiency.

These significant new public sector wins accelerate PerfectMind's growth in the enterprise sector and build on the Company's clientele of more than 5,000 membership-based organizations in 21 countries.


"With PerfectMind's software, we will become a much more efficient operation, cut costs, grow, and potentially increase revenues," said Mark Klassen, manager of facilities at the 14,000-student Chilliwack School District. "In public education, it is imperative to be creative in order to continue to operate effectively and deliver the best services. Many of our sites currently use different software programs for different functions. A program that can be consistently and easily implemented across all our sites for all functions is a good business decision and we have found that with PerfectMind."


The Chilliwack School District wanted software that was easily customizable to its needs and could serve multiple business purposes across all departments. PerfectMind software will be used for facility booking at all 35 school and operations sites, for point of sale at high school cafeterias, event registration, inventory management, and professional development workshops and registrations. PerfectMind's software will help streamline the School District's business processes, improve customer service, and save money by integrating all business functions in all departments into one secure software platform.



One consolidated platform to run all business functions:

LGS Recreation is a prominent Silicon Valley recreation centre with an $8 million annual budget serving 12 schools in four communities. It required a smarter way to collaborate with customers; an easier tool for staff to upload courses, track revenues, and generate reliable and meaningful reports; and better customer relationship management software to improve the experience of signing up, searching for, and paying for courses and programs. PerfectMind's software will be implemented across the organization and replace up to five different business management programs, providing a consolidated platform to run all business functions.



Ease of use, greater efficiencies:

Olds College of Alberta, which serves about 1,200 students every year, will use PerfectMind's software to run its fitness centre and athletics and recreational programs. The College chose PerfectMind's software because it's easy to use and enables growth by seamlessly adapting to the changing needs of the organization. The new software will be used for point of sale, online registration and payment, and scheduling. PerfectMind's software will improve staff efficiency, make online registration easier and improve access for clients, and reduce human error.

"We recognize that public sector organizations today are under pressure to constantly deliver more services and better value with fewer resources," said Farid Dordar, founder and CEO of PerfectMind. "Our software helps organizations meet that challenge, increase customer retention and referral, and drive revenue growth by enabling 24/7 program registration and payment; providing all core business functions in a single, secure system; ensuring ease of use; and allowing our clients to customize the software as their business evolves."


PerfectMind's software supports all business functions of a member-based organization including marketing automation, to develop and manage marketing programs and track their success; member management, including member registration, online booking and scheduling appointments; accounting, including billing and payroll; human resources; customer promotions; and sales. In addition, unlike most competitors, PerfectMind has its own built-in reporting engine that provides insights and analysis for any department or aspect of the business. This helps inform business strategy, make feedback from customers meaningful and actionable, and drive business growth.


PerfectMind invests heavily in product development, customer service, and its cloud infrastructure. All PerfectMind data is stored on the cloud, providing safe and secure data storage. To learn more about PerfectMind and its member management software, please go to:



About PerfectMind

Established in 2000 and headquartered in British Columbia, Canada, PerfectMind is an industry-leading cloud-based member management software provider. Its robust Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering helps companies and organizations of all sizes manage their operations, marketing and finance functions, simply, efficiently and effectively. The company has more than 5,000 customers in 21 countries in North America, Australia and Europe in verticals such as health and wellness, parks and recreation, education and the service industry.


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Whitney Donaldson
Whitney Donaldson

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