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Preparing Your Yoga Studio for Online Sales

A yoga studio can be successful from consistent attendance and well-crafted yoga programs, but an online store can help boost reach, in addition to increasing sales for the products that you already carry. Especially now that e-stores are increasing in popularity, transitioning from an in-store shop to an e-store can help provide your business with a number of benefits. Here’s how to prepare your yoga studio for online sales.


Organize Your Existing Inventory


Since in-store shops often limit the amount of space you can have for classes, switching to an e-shop can help free up some of that space at your studio. Before finding a practical solution for storage, be sure to record the types of products that you have (as well as each product’s quantity), so that you may later enter the inventory into your POS system.


The ideal storage space should be easily accessible, which may include your home or an affordable storage option that you can rent and is close to your yoga studio. Distance is an important factor, since you want to be able to fulfill customer orders in a timely fashion and keep them satisfied.


Let People Know About Your Store


Now that your online store is up and running, it’s important to let your students—as well as those in your community—know about it. People seem to prefer online stores, due to their convenience; users can fulfill orders without stepping outside the comfort of their own home. Social media channels, newsletters, and other avenues of advertising such as Facebook or Google ads can help further your reach.


A great way to further pique the interest of potential consumers is by offering a one-time deal, targeting first-time buyers. This will give them incentive to purchase from your online store, and perhaps even visit your yoga studio. Another option would be to give away free class passes with purchases over a certain value.


Manage Your Store


Not every product may sell as well as expected. Once your online store has been in service for few weeks, be sure to evaluate what sells and what doesn’t. Though it’s important to offer a wide range of items that yogis may need, it also needs to make sense for your business. If it doesn’t sell, consider removing or replacing the items – otherwise, this may cost you money in the long run.


PerfectMind’s yoga studio management software can help keep your studio running in perfect harmony with an intuitive cloud-based platform that manages memberships, marketing, billing, and your POS system. Its fast, secure, and mobile-friendly online store helps boost sales, while providing an intelligent way to sell merchandise, track inventory, manage purchase history, and help you with re-ordering. Learn more about the software here.


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