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Recruit and Retain your Best Group Exercise Instructors

Group exercise classes are a popular way to get into shape. With their growing demand, your fitness studio or centre should consider incorporating group exercise classes into your schedule, if you haven’t already. 

To ensure success, it’s imperative that you seek out talented and hard-working instructors, as they are central to retaining current members and attracting new long-term members.


With that said, hiring good instructors can be a daunting task. Here are some things to keep in mind, when recruiting a new team of group exercise instructors.



Seek Out the Competition


It’s always smart to get an idea of what your peers are doing, especially if you plan on starting new classes that are similar to those already offered in the community. Not only will this give you an idea of what’s popular (teaching styles, for example), but it may also inspire more innovative ideas that will set you apart. If you are a studio, look to other small outfits around you, along with local recreation organizations. And if you work at a recreation centre, remember to look to both the public and private sector for knowledge.



Don’t Forget Social Media


Social media is a great place to find potential instructors, since many certified fitness instructors use platforms like Instagram to promote their services. They may even be able to draw their followers to your business with them, helping you acquire new members. Do keep in mind that some instructors, who have a large following and who are quick to leave the studio they are currently at, may be more difficult to keep for the long-term.



Offer Competitive Wages


Though you want to make sure that you’re hiring staff whose main focus is to better the well-being of the community, it’s important to compensate them for their valuable time. A staff member that feels appreciated is a staff member that will be more inclined to stay with your organization. Do some research to see what other fitness studios or centres are offering, and ensure that your compensation packages are competitive.



Get to Know Your New Instructors


Getting to know your new instructors — from what they like to teach, to what their strengths are — will help them feel a sense of belonging at your studio or centre. Company culture is highly influential in your staff’s level of happiness. A strong culture promotes loyalty and lower turnover rates, and fosters a stronger work ethic that the class participants will notice.



Educate Your Staff and Offer Further Learning Opportunities


Beyond familiarizing your staff with your organization, including the history and culture of your brand, consider offering additional resources in the form of workshops, articles, and professional development opportunities. Enable your instructors to continue honing their skills. As certain types of exercise come under scrutiny at times, it’s good to know about important changes in fitness expectations as they happen.



Focus on Creative Freedom


For some instructors, teaching is a creative outlet. From compiling the perfect playlist to choreographing a challenging workout, your instructors should be given some freedom to design their classes. By honoring their creativity and providing a sense of trust and leadership, you can create an environment where your instructors feel comfortable exploring their full potential.



Open Your Channels of Communication


The principal aspect of maintaining a positive relationship and retaining staff is to ensure that there is open communication. Many of your instructors may be part-time employees; despite this, it’s important to make them feel that they are an essential part of the team. Furthermore, checking in with your staff periodically to make sure their needs are met can help you in building a solid, long-term relationship.


A great instructor is invaluable, providing the community with not only the opportunity to improve on their health, but also with a unique experience. Once you find the ideal group exercise instructors for your organization, PerfectMind’s gym management software can help you manage your team, through its staff management function. Learn more about the software here.


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