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Member-management software to run fast-growing chain of weight-management outlets | PerfectMind

Top healthcare provider picks PerfectMind for all business functions including marketing, online booking, payments, and managing customer relationships at hundreds of Profile locations.

Vancouver, B.C., April 08, 2015Sanford Healtha U.S.-based healthcare provider with more than 26,000 employees, chose PerfectMind to run Profile by Sanford, a new, comprehensive weight loss management program that helps people become more proactive about their own weight management. The fast-growing program has 25 locations currently, with plans to open over 300 corporate stores and franchise outlets within five years.


"Profile by Sanford was designed by our Sanford Health's physicians and scientists and focuses on nutrition, activity and lifestyle for short and long-term success,” said Nate Malloy, chief operating officer, Profile by Sanford.“We need software that meets the needs of our business model today, is easy to implement and maintain, and supports our rapid growth."


Profile by Sanford engages customers in one-on-one consultations related to their physical activity and daily consumption of foods, and allows them to purchase food and devices such as body scales to track their weight loss.

PerfectMind will facilitate Profile by Sanford's aggressive expansion plans because the software can be deployed quickly and easily.


This will allow Profile by Sanford  to add new franchises and corporate stores and seamlessly manage all business functions of the various locations as the program expands. Profile by Sanford expects to fully transition to the new software over a four-month timeline, by July 2015. Typically a comprehensive switch to new business management software for a large member-based health organization takes about one-and-a-half to two years.


PerfectMind's software helps companies become more integrated and efficient while creating deeper customer relationships and building customer loyalty. This results in increased customer retention and referral, and enhanced sales. PerfectMind has invested heavily in product development, customer service, and its cloud infrastructure to ensure its clients get the software and support they need to provide the best possible experience for their customers.


"We are thrilled to partner with a prestigious organization like Sanford Health, the largest, rural, non-profit healthcare organization in the U.S.," said Farid Dordar, founder and CEO of PerfectMind. "Sanford's weight loss program strives to help members proactively manage their weight, a process that requires an ongoing commitment to behaviour change. PerfectMind's software will enable Profile by Sanford to precisely track member activities, progress and results, and support their members to meet and maintain their weight-loss goals."


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