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Spin Class for Beginners

Fitness classes are extremely popular in North America, with spin classes quickly becoming one of the most sought after. According to ClassPass, spin classes are the most popular classes in New York and Boston. In 2015, it was the third most popular workout across all users.  


There are so many reasons why spin classes have become as popular as they are. It can be an effective and low-impact way to burn calories, boost cardiovascular health and endurance, meet other like-minded people, build muscle, strengthen your core, and enhance your mental strength. To top it off, indoor cycling studios don’t depend on good weather.


For business owners, the demand for spin classes and a passion for health and well-being can fuel your success. Starting out can be daunting but solid planning, willpower, and the right resources will make a large difference. First, you’ll want to do your research and create a solid business plan. Next, finding a great space and securing your required resources is key. Your instructors will be the lifeblood of your studio and great management will ensure everything is running smoothly. Here are some thoughts on how to create and get the most out of a beginner spin class.



Finding Space and Resources


The perfect location for a spin studio is in an area with many complimentary businesses — yoga studios, juice shops, health and well-being businesses, and other likeminded companies. High foot traffic helps, as does a concentration of trendy offices that may have staff members that can attend your studio before or after work.


Once you find a great location, you’ll need to secure the lease and your starting capital. This is where your business plan will shine but keep in mind there will likely be expenses that most may not think of before they come up. Especially in cities with a wide array of spin studios, investing in cutting edge equipment and room design may be necessary. Don’t skimp on the sound system — music is one of the biggest motivators for a spin class!



Sourcing Instructors


Finding solid instructors is a must, as the quality of your classes will be a determining factor in the success of your studio. No matter how great your equipment is, if your instructor isn’t providing a great experience for your students, they likely won’t stick around for long. All of your instructors should have certification through an accredited program, while having first-aid and CPR training, just in case.


Down the road, it may even make sense to provide them with resources to keep them growing as spin instructors. By investing in your instructors, you’ll keep providing the best classes possible, giving your member base no reasons to switch to another studio.



Management Sets the Foundation


Proper management is key for making sure your business is constantly growing and successful, in the long run. Having a full-time operations manager or a general manager is required, to keep things running smoothly. For a small spin studio starting out, it might be hard for managers to keep up with having to do everything, while larger spin studios may have difficulty with the increased workload. No matter the size of the business, a solid management software solution is a necessary part of running a membership-based business that provides beginner spin classes. It can alleviate labor hours through automation and increased efficiency, while providing things like attendance tracking to boost your retention rates.



Providing Spin Classes for Beginners


Spin classes can get pretty intense but scaring off beginners before they really get into spin culture is counterproductive. Take some time to find any first timers and have a quick chat with them, to give them peace of mind and to make sure they’re set up and ready to go. Let them know that it’s okay that they might not be able to keep up, at the beginning. This can go a long way in easing their mind, to avoid disappointment or embarrassment.


Set up good habits for newbies, by allocating enough time for a cool-down period and a deep stretch. Being accommodating towards beginners can help you quickly build a customer base through referrals, especially when combined with smart pricing strategies and the tips we mentioned earlier.


Need help running your spin studio? Check out the fitness feature of our membership management software, to learn about how it can help you manage and grow your studio. Are you new to fitness cycling? Check out our five tips for opening a new studio or school.


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