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Summer Activities for Parks and Recreation Organizations

With summer quickly approaching, parks and recreation organizations have to hold an interesting set of programs and activities, if they want to keep locals engaged. 


There are the traditional lessons and drop-in classes that are always available but it’s important for parks and recreation organizations to keep their programming fresh. One thing to keep in mind is that a number of parents will need help looking after their children, so day-long camps are always a good idea.

Keep it interesting! Here are a few summer activities for parks and recreation organizations:




The tennis, volleyball and soccer camps are offered almost everywhere but not many people switch it up. Try having leadership, dodgeball, water polo and other not so well-known camps that could be very different, fun, and educational for the youth in your area. Test the waters first but putting registration for these camps up early, in case you aren’t able to reach the numbers you’re looking for and have to reconfigure your programming.




Keep your activities different from the norm. Water balloon, dodgeball, water gun play fights, lawn bowling marketed towards youth and more. All of these are incredibly fun and, marketed the correct way could draw tons of people to join. If your area is more heavily forested, bird watching or other activities involving local fauna or flora can be a great option, especially when there is wildlife or scenic elements unique to your area.



Sports Days

Have a sports day filled with prizes. Play California kickball, capture the flag, tug of war and more. Have a youth version, as well as an adult version. These can be so much fun for adults to play, not only for nostalgia, but to get some fun, accessible competitiveness out. Broadening your demographics to include more age groups can lead to some great steps forward in your organization’s programming.




Host tours, educational or fun, around your parks. Not only will it be fun and educational, it will bring more awareness to your parks and boost attendance. While it helps to bring in community members that aren’t familiar with your organization, it also helps regular attendees, brand ambassadors and employees learn about program, areas and historical facts that they aren’t already aware of.



Block Party

Host a block party at your community centre. Not only will this attract a lot of people to your facilities and programs, it will provide a fun and memorable experience, helping to create community in your city. Make it all ages and do your best to make it interesting and lively. During these events, you can incorporate a number of the recommendations for activities and use it to showcase the programs you’ve created.


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