Surprisingly Helpful Tools To Face COVID-19 Restrictions

Surprisingly Helpful Tools To Face COVID-19 Restrictions

The novel coronavirus outbreak that started in 2019 has changed the way we conduct business—potentially forever. This pandemic has given many business owners pause to think about their daily operations, as well as what's working and what can be improved to reduce community transmission.

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Depending on your region, there is a good chance that you have reopened your studio once again, and are navigating the new challenges that social distancing in a physical field involves. Along with tourism and travelling, the fitness industry has been profoundly impacted by COVID-19. Some businesses has pivoted to new strategies to thrive—and not just survive—in this era, but others have faced financial loss and had to shut their doors altogether.

Facing new challenges, you need a new toolkit. Here are the everyday marketing and operation tools to add to your repertoire. 

1. Online Booking

When you start adding up all the small in-person interactions you have in your studio each day, you might realize that there are many conversations, questions and inquiries that you could address with online booking instead.  Especially during this time where you want to reduce in-person interactions as much as possible, online booking is a fantastic tool. 

PerfectMind's online booking software allow your members or students to book themselves in for classes, appointments, or any other service applicable to your business. Thousands of the world’s most innovative recreation centers and fitness clubs are scaling faster and more efficiently by building their businesses on PerfectMind.

2. Contactless Sign-Up Integrations

Remember, the less contact, the better. Many of us are familiar with contactless tap-to-pay methods on point-of-sales systems, but minimizing most of, if not all, contact is ideal. This is where contactless check-in methods for students or member can be extremely helpful.

PerfectMind's feature PerfectFace captures and stores the faces unique characteristics while never storing a personal image and simultaneously using advanced encryption. It is a great tool for allowing students or members to check in with no contact at all. See what kind of integrations you can add to your PerfectMind experience.

3. Class limits

If you are integrating online booking into your operations, you will want to make sure you are limiting class capacity as well. Measure the volume of your facility by square feet to establish your capacity limit at any given time. You will want to make sure members or students can have at least two metres of space around them comfortably, and set your class limits accordingly.

Using PerfectMind, easily limit class sizes to ensure that students are able to safely stay distanced apart for the duration of the lesson.



4. Video Conferencing

You've always worked with students and members in person, because it's what you know and what you've always been great at. So adding virtual classes to your schedule won't just save room in your studio, but it will also make your services more accessible for more people.

Knowing what video conferencing software is right for you can be a real challenge. We're here to help you answer those questions, with our guide to the most popular video conference platforms on the market, and what they offer you.

5. Document handling

Finally, digital tools will offer a helpful hand in this time. If your members or students need to access, print, or sign documents, they don't need to go in-person to your facility anymore! Not only will this cut down on the risk of community transmission, but it will also save time and effort for your team.

Use PerfectMind to create, save, print, upload, and organize your documents for your organization securely in the cloud.

Navigating The "New Normal"

Right now, predicting the future feels downright impossible. And, the truth is, it is: No one can say for sure what the next six months will look like for the fitness industry. The best that we can do right now is work together to pivot and find a solution that works for everyone, and promotes safety during these precarious times.

We know you have many questions about the future of your studio. That's why we hosted a panel discussion with four martial arts industry experts, who will be talking about the new normal of the martial arts landscape. We were joined by:

  1. Frank Silverman, Executive Director, Martial Arts Industry Association (MAIA)
  2. Master Ingrid Katzberg, Co-Owner & Head Instructor, Champions Martial Arts Academy
  3. Sensei Jason Wenneberg, Head Instructor, American Martial Arts Academy
  4. Grandmaster Tim Wakefield, Owner & Instructor, Shaolin Martial Arts Canada  

This panel discusses the best industry practices for re-opening your martial arts school, providing the best customer experience, tips & tricks to retaining students and attracting new ones, and answers to your burning questions during a Q & A period.



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