The Importance of Data Cleanliness: Tidying Up Your Membership Database

The Importance of Data Cleanliness: Tidying Up Your Membership Database

How clean is your member data? Relying on membership management software can be a great tool for your business but to make the most out of it, you need to ensure your membership data is clean and accurate. Beyond the aesthetic appeal of an orderly database, there are a number of reasons as to why it’s important to keep your membership database in tip-top shape.

What is Data Cleansing? 

Simply put, it's the process of spotting and rectifying any inaccurate or corrupt data from your database. This can involve removing duplication, eliminating multiple representations of a word, identifying missing values, removing redundancy and more. Managing and ensuring your data is as clean as possible can significantly increase your organization's revenue by reducing operational costs. Here are some advantages of cleaning your member data. 


#1. Prevents Confusion & Redundancy 

“Unclean” data can cause a lot of confusion for your staff. Issues such as member duplicates may arise, which can lead to a number of errors that can result in a very dissatisfying experience for your members. Because of duplicates, your staff may accidentally charge, send reminders to, or add information to the wrong account. It also leads to duplication of efforts - for instance, sending the same email twice to a customer.

Eliminating redundancies like this can save you time, money and also improve brand sentiment. Before deleting any duplicates, be sure to verify both accounts to ensure that the correct information is kept. While you’re at it, keep in mind that you should keep your data as lean as possible—it’s quality over quantity when it comes to membership data.


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#2. Promotes Member Engagement

Quality membership data won’t only help you save time when reviewing a member’s profile; it can also promote member engagement. While it is true that you should know as much as possible about each member, you also want to have accurate and relevant information that can help you and your staff continue to provide personal and professional service. It’s also crucial to identify what sort of data is actually important to your business.

Name and contact information are important, of course, but consider other bits of material like how long he or she has been a member, when his or her membership expires, or the last time they attended one of your business’ special events. With the right type of data, you can better engage your members, which in turn will create more involved members. Keep in mind your members trust you with this data so use it wisely.


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#3. Improves Decision Making

Customer data is the cornerstone of effective decision making for businesses and organizations. If your data is clean and as accurate as possible, you will be able to gain more accurate insights in your reporting, leading to better business intelligence. This means that in the long run, executives will be able to make better decisions to contribute to the success of the organization. 


#4. Prevents Fraud

If your business offers any deals for new members, keeping your data tidy is particularly important. This is because some individuals may attempt to create more than one account to take advantage of this offer. In having organized data, your staff can immediately flag any duplicate data (such as using the same phone number twice). This is not to say that you should confront those who create duplicate accounts. Always give them the benefit of the doubt; maybe they forgot they already had an account. Do try to remind them of your new members policy and promptly merge the duplicate accounts.


#5. Improves Email Marketing Efforts

Data cleaning is especially important when it comes to email marketing. Outdated member data means lots of unopened or bounced emails, which not only skewers your results but can harm email deliverability over time. By ensuring your lists are clean, you will be able to maximize your email ROI and have more accuracy in your results. 

Better membership data organization can help grow your business overall. To help you manage your members more effectively, PerfectMind’s cloud-based member management software is a terrific solution. With it, you can manage memberships, track attendance, allow your members to book and schedule online, and more. Learn more about PerfectMind’s management software here.

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