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The Right Fit in your Fitness Instructor Staff

A good fitness club needs to have high-quality instructors that provide good value for your members. While many gym goers might primarily utilize the weight room, great personal trainers who are active in multiple training disciplines are exceptional assets for promoting personal training sessions, as well as proper form and safety.


Many fitness clubs also provide fitness classes and having well-trained instructors will boost membership values.


The best fitness instructors are very knowledgeable, personable, and excel at teaching their skills to others. Once you have the right team of trainers, communicating your instructors’ skills and experience to your current and prospective members can help bring attention to your efforts. Finally, if you’re finding it difficult to attract good talent, there are some things you can do to help make your workplace more attractive to potential fitness instructors. Here are some tips for finding the best fitness instructors to improve your health club.



What Makes a Fitness Instructor Great?


A good fitness instructor needs to be knowledgeable in their field, able to communicate proper form and technique, be professional and always furthering their education. Knowledge makes fitness instructors credible and allows them to teach everything correctly. This knowledge is a core part of what your members want to learn. Experience allows them to be more efficient, comfortable and confident. Social skills are vital, because of how interactive fitness instructors should be with their students. Being able to describe a movement with words that are clear and easy to understand is quite difficult, especially with compound movements.


For long-term success, the high-level instructor will constantly be learning new methods. In such a fast paced industry, new biological data about the human body, metrics for the effectiveness of certain workouts and other information are constantly coming to light. Because of this, it’s important for your instructors to always be learning new techniques and modern methods for working difference muscle groups in a safe environment.



Get the Word Out and Remember the Research


Educating your potential customers on the caliber of your fitness instructors can help spur new business. Showcase your best instructors and their credentials, with a monthly profile on your website, blog or social media accounts. Talk about their experience, their training, inspirations and more. This can help make them feel more approachable and help promote your fitness services. Having great social media content is also a must for digital marketing. Get your instructors to each teach a quick movement with proper form or give fitness tips and inspiration through your social media channels, to reach existing and prospective members.


When looking for new instructors, pay close attention to these same details. Are they accredited fitness instructors? This aspect speaks volumes about their commitment, as well as their overall ability. If you’re looking for an instructor to build a following for your gym, release a new system or grow class sizes, take a look at how they represent themselves online. Does their ability to teach effectively immediately come across? Are they using modern, effective, safe techniques? Use these measures to find someone who is the best fit for the needs of your facility.



Be the Best, to Attract the Best


There are a few things you can do to find the best instructors. First, having an excellent training program for new instructors can attract better fitness instructors. Some established fitness clubs offer this as a means to help ensure their instructors all provide a high level of service. It may be costly to set up at first but, once the training program is set, it should pay for itself in the long run. Make sure the person who builds the program for you is always innovating and learning, or your training program won’t do much for attracting good fitness instructors. Larger companies may create a system for accreditation of trainers, while smaller organizations may want to partner with local public recreation organizations, in order to offer this service.


While some fitness instructors may focus mostly on the job’s pay, we find many other instructors care about other variables like working conditions, quality of the facilities, equipment, training style, and even brand recognition. Working on these aspects of your fitness business will help you succeed in many ways – not just with your instructors.


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