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Tip of the Week: The Convenience of Going Green - Saving Files and Documents

When it come to setting up folders and storing documents you've created in PerfectMIND, you need more than a filing cabinet. The Document Centre offers you the convenience of creating and storing documents in the cloud (online) such as contracts, certificates, and invoices. Beyond just basic storage, use the merge feature to automatically include the names of recipients and other data on document templates.


For the documents already on your hard drive, easily upload those files too so that all you business documentation is organized online in the same place. Merged documents relating to Contacts are listed automatically in the Documents section of their profiles, and you can also upload files here directly. Your files and documents are accessible anywhere with Internet access – just log into PerfectMIND and leave the papers behind.


Learn more about saving files and documents in our help database

William Johnston
William Johnston

As the instructional designer I develop and produce highly engaging training and support material for staff and clients such as self-paced elearning modules, videos, and knowledge base articles.

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