Tip of the Week: The Convenience of Going Green with Emailed Receipts

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Tip of the Week: The Convenience of Going Green with Emailed Receipts

Give your members the option of receiving a digital receipt, and save on paper, ink, and postage with PerfectMIND! After selling a membership or a product, save time and email the receipt to them. No need to wait for the printer! After completing a transaction, simply enter the member's email address in the field provided on the confirmation page and click Email Receipt.


Occasionally a Contact may ask you for a copy of their receipt because it's tax time and they have misplaced or damaged their original copy. Again, leave the printer out of it. Simply locate either the membership or the transaction in the Contact's profile, select the Receipt option and, you guessed it, click Email Receipt. And for yourself, since the receipt is already securely stored in the system, there's no need to file a paper copy. You've just saved materials, time, and money!

Learn more about emailing receipts

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