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What PerfectMind Clients Should Know About the WannaCry Ransomware Attack

Over the weekend of May 12th, 2017 the WannaCry Ransomware attack was reported in 150 countries, devastating an approximated 150,000 computers. The malware locks a user out of their own computer by encrypting their data until a ransom fee is paid, rendering the user's system useless and inaccessible otherwise.


Unprecedented Win: 21 Cities in BC Unanimously Select PerfectMind

PerfectMind is pleased to announce an outstanding customer win! Twenty-one British Columbia cities collaboratively came together to switch thousands of their parks and recreation facilities to the PerfectMind platform.

Announcing New PayPal Integration

PerfectMind is excited to announce a new partnership with PayPal. By enabling organizations to offer another secure form of payment, members can easily checkout online using their existing PayPal accounts. 


Gearing up for the New Year from Burnaby, BC | PerfectMind

In the spirit of the rooster, PerfectMind would like to wish all our customers around the world a Happy Lunar New Year. With the new wave of changes 2017 brings, we’ve relocated from our North Vancouver office to a newer and bigger home in Burnaby, British Columbia, to accommodate the size of our ever-growing family.

2016: End of Year Recap | PerfectMind

We’ve kicked off the new year and it’s time to reflect on an unforgettable year of growth at PerfectMind. 2016 was a year of remarkable growth and major improvements across our product, support and services.

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