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[Webinar] How to Successfully Incorporate Tournament Competition at your School

  • Tournament competition creates a path for your students to become champions. Successfully incorporating tournament competition at your school, however, requires a comprehensive strategy both on and off the mat. As Mark Russo illuminates the foundations for tournament success, he also addresses the long-standing debate between school owners and instructors alike on whether more traditional schools should adopt tournament competition. 


[Webinar] How to Create Transformational Yoga Retreats that Sell Out | PerfectMind

Retreats offer your students an experience that transcends regular yoga classes at the studio, and the benefits of leading a successful retreat are limitless.


[Webinar] Connecting your Parks and Rec. Community with the Right Marketing Channels | PerfectMind

You offer programs for seniors, but are you reaching this audience the best way you can? You offer toddler classes, but do you know if you’re promoting what parents want to hear? Duncan M. Stokes, Executive Director for Recreation Connections Manitoba will give you basic, yet actionable guidelines to make sure customers are drawn to your organization and programs. Let's grow your business.

[Webinar] Mapping your Workflow Engine to Increase Productivity and Efficiency | PerfectMind

With a configurable workflow engine your organization will have the freedom to focus on the efficiency of your business processes rather than creating workarounds to handle the processes.

[Webinar] Providing the Best Online Booking Experience for your Community | PerfectMind

We all want the convenience of using an online booking feature to register for swim lessons at the community center or reserve the outdoor soccer field for drop-in. Unfortunately, if the process takes too long we give up, regardless of how bad we want to complete that task online.

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