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Using PayPal to Simplify Online Shopping at your Fitness Centre


For someone new to selling a product or service online, the beginning can be a bit overwhelming. There are a lot of things to think about, when starting up a fitness center. Just a few of these challenges include data security, staffing, business insurance, choosing equipment, shipping logistics, e-commerce platform, and more.


Using PayPal can help ease some of the complications, by providing you with an online payment system, complete with purchase protection, in case of fraudulent transactions. Fitness centres can improve their payment methods, by supplementing their brick and mortar business with online sales, whether it’s for their store or membership purchases. Here’s why you should use PayPal, along with how you can get the most out of it.



Convenience and Ease


PayPal has become one of the largest internet companies, because it does a simple thing extremely well. At its core, it’s an online wallet and billing service that offers great features for both businesses and consumers alike. Its fraud protection gives peace of mind to users, as it covers eligible items that don’t arrive or don’t match the seller’s description. You can link your bank account or credit card to your PayPal account, which is widely accepted in over 200 markets and 25 currencies worldwide. This allows consumers to only share their financial data with one company, allowing the company to make a payment on their behalf. This reduces the chances of any kind of breach in the security of your financial data.


For online sites, PayPal provides an express checkout that makes it convenient for guests, while enabling you to conveniently and safely accept online payments. This can be used for membership fees or products from your online store. Their mobile-friendly applications are key to making your payment pages look professional and secure. Finally, one of the most important features PayPal provides is data security and automatic fraud screening; they also offer options to handle PCI compliance.



Encryption and Safety


Fraud happens in many ways, when someone is shopping or selling online. Businesses could sell things that are not what they claim to be, while customers may be trying to purchase legitimate products with counterfeit credit cards. Either way, PayPal takes care of this so the user isn’t the one who has to pay for the crime. Chargebacks are dealt with by PayPal and will work with both parties, to keep you informed during every step of the process. With 24/7 support to safeguard against fraud, PayPal will act quickly, if they detect any suspicious activity. This is a must-have, for any member-based business.



The Extras


PayPal has many other features that can add efficiency for you and your staff. Convenient sales tracking, powerful insights, and over a thousand apps can help you excel, while being on top of all of your growth metrics. For fitness business owners who are on the go, running your online sales business from your phone can help you succeed. Did we mention it’s free for shoppers? That’s right, no annual membership fees or service charges. This is another big reason why so many customers like to shop online with PayPal.



PerfectMind Paypal


PerfectMind Paypal allows you to connect a Paypal merchant account, so your customers can make purchases and book facilities online, using their own Paypal accounts. If payments ever fail, you’ll be conveniently notified. For your customers, they’ll be able to make easy, quick payments and purchases using a system they are already familiar with.


Setting up a PerfectMind PayPal merchant account is easy; contact us and we’ll set it up for you!


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