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[Webinar Replay] How to Hire & Retain Kick-Ass Instructors with Master Ingrid

  • On April 17th, at 11am PST, PerfectMind was joined by Master Ingrid Katzberg of Champions Martial Arts Academy to discuss how to hire and retain a kick-ass instructor team for your martial arts school. 

  •  Watch the webinar replay and by the end of the session you will learn:


      • • Tips on hiring and building a team of dedicated instructors
      • • How to train your instructors to be motivating, encouraging and sympathetic 
      • • Strategies on how to retain your kick-ass instructor team

    Master Ingrid Katzberg has perfected the art of growing and maintaining her dream team, and is willing to share her tips & tricks with all attendees during this webinar.


About the Speaker

 Webinar Speaker - Master Ingrid Katzberg

With over 35 years of training and instructing experience and a background in health and fitness, Master Ingrid Katzberg is a 5th Degree black belt martial artist and Co-Owner and Head Instructor of Champions Martial Arts Academy.



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