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[Webinar] Sprint to the Finish: A Winning Formula to Grow your In-House Fitness Classes | PerfectMind


Fitness classes add a new dimension of lead generation and an untapped stream of revenue for your martial arts school. 

However, in this highly competitive space, knowing the winning formula to grow your in-house classes will be the difference between profit and loss. Unlocking his fitness marketing toolbox, Chris Millares demonstrates how to build a dynamic fitness culture and outlines the new rules of engagement that will allow you to leverage your Facebook groups for massive success.


Join Chris Millares, CEO of AKX Kickboxing and CDO at Amerikick Franchising, as he pinpoints the top-performing strategies on:

  • Fitness program upgrades that will drive revenue to your martial arts school
  • How to boost enrollment by leveraging “4 week” fitness challenges
  • Accelerating ROI on your fitness marketing efforts using the EIE Social Formula
  • Creative tools that produce AMAZING content. Fast.


About the Speaker

 Chris Millares

Chris Millares has been involved in the martial arts business for over 25 years. While Chris' impact on the Amerikick organization began as a student, he progressed as an instructor, and now serves as an executive team member as Amerikick expands its franchise model. His wealth of knowledge in the martial arts industry, combined with his tactical marketing skills, have made him an integral part of Amerikick’s expansion.



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Video Transcript



Vanessa: Hi everyone, good morning, afternoon or evening, depending on where you're joining us from. I'm Vanessa and I'm the Marketing and Events Coordinator at PerfectMind. Welcome to today's webinar titled "Sprint To The Finish: A Winning Formula To Grow Your In-House Fitness Classes" with Chris Millares. As we get started, let's do a quick sound check. If you can hear me and you can see the screen, please type 'yes' into the questions box now. Great, we've got some yes's coming in. During the presentation today, I encourage you to type in any questions that you've thought of and submit them as we go along. Chris will be taking the time to answer them at the end.


Before we jump right in, I'd like to give a quick rundown of who we are for those of you who are joining us for the first time and aren't quite familiar with PerfectMind. Our all-in-one martial arts management software is used by thousands of schools worldwide and enables owners to manage memberships, billing, belt ranks, promotions and more from a single platform. We also provide various services, such as website design and online marketing. If you'd like to learn more about us or want to see some of the free content that we have to offer like today's webinar, visit


Enough about us, let me introduce today's guest presenter, Chris Millares. Chris Millares has been involved in the martial arts business for over 25 years, and currently serves as the CEO and Co-Founder of AKX Kickboxing as well as CDO and Partner at Amerikick. While Chris' impact on the Amerikick organization began as a student, he progressed as an instructor, and now is an executive team member as Amerikick. His wealth of knowledge in the martial arts industry, combined with his tactical marketing skills, have made him integral in the expansion of the Amerikick’s franchise model. We're thrilled to have you with us, Chris, so please take it away.


Chris: Thank you, Vanessa, and hope all is awesome and thank you for everybody for attending. Let's get rolling, let's get started here. First, once again thank you for attending. One of my favorite quotes that's quite honestly I live by is that great people understand that perfection is an impossible destination, but they still have the arrogance to bust their ass to try and get there, and that's what we do from day to day. At our schools, in our daily routine, what we do, and who we are, and the things that we try to pursue as school owners, I think that's an incredible piece of knowledge to write down on notebooks if that still even happens. I imagine that most things happen on iPads, iPhones, smartphones, but there's still incredible value to writing things down. But yes, arrogance. The arrogance to believe and having a plan. Most people are content to wait around and wait for things happen, but I want to start this webinar off with a story. It actually has nothing to do with fitness and everything to do with my own personal journey and I apologize I got choked up, Vanessa, but it's one of those things where I just think it changed the way I thought about business, life and the way we do things. I want to tell you about the worst student I've ever had. Honest to God, the worst student I've ever had in the martial arts business. His name was Nick. Nick was 7-years-old, didn't listen, didn't pay attention, fell down, and instructors who are watching this you know exactly what I'm talking about because you know, I know there's points in life when you're in the back room and you're looking at each other and you're saying, "Oh, who's going to teach this class? Are you or me or who or like uh?" and you roll your eyes. I get it, it's a part of being human, it's a part of life. But Nick came in one day and I was the guy who taught the class. This is years ago. My profile picture and I teased with Vanessa and Colby, I look like I'm 12 when I'm actually and have a few kids of my own, but I was young at the time. I was in probably early 20's, maybe even teens, 19, 20. But Nick came in and I was frustrated, I was aggravated, I was like wow! Like he's coming in and what are we going to do? Nick fell down, Nick didn't listen, Nick hit the other kids, Nick was defiant, Nick refused to call me Sensei Chris, Nick didn't listen to Dad, Nick didn't listen to Mom, Nick didn't work well with the other kids. What Nick did was he essentially ruining the class and it wasn't good, it was just really frustrating. It was like when you're trying to build something and you have a kid coming in and say what am I supposed to do? He just was awful.




We made Nick sit out, we took stripes away, we took his uniform away, his belt, I mean everything you could possibly imagine. At the time Pokemon cards were popular, right. We took his Pokemon cards away. Now everybody with a smartphone is walking around and they reach the highway, in the phone up, the sky, trying to catch Pokemon, but Nick had cards and we took those away from him. What I fail to mention is that Nick's parents died in a car accident when he was 5 years old. He was being raised by his uncle Dad and Mom, and they brought him there. His dad was an incredibly cool guy who I still catch up with today. He came in one day, uncle Dad, and said, "Chris, I have to talk to you." I was like wow, that's like... This was um, definitely an angel. God bless that guy, he was so nice to meet, he was awesome, incredible dude. He came in and he said, what do we can take away from Nick that he hasn't already lost. I'll never forget, this is the most genuine thing I could probably say and express in this webinar that, that day I was like wow! I stopped teaching martial arts, I gave it up, I quit. I refused to start doing that ever again and I started teaching kids. Because I knew if I wasn't going to get through to Nick, through the front door, I was going to get through to him through the side door. I was going to get through to him through the back window. I was going to build a bridge. I was going to climb up to the top window and find a way to break in, because Nick was worth it and it changed my mindset completely absolutely. Nick was no longer a kid that needs to be punished. He was a kid who was a leader. Nick, I know that you get it but the other kids in class don't get it, and we need you to help us make them better people. That was something that I'll take with me through the rest of life. Like if I never knew in other webinar there is something for me that was so powerful and so amazing and so special, and I still contact the family to this day. Nick grew up to be a member of the armed forces. I still contact him through Instagram and Facebook. He does amazing things for our country and I can't tell him how proud am I.


So why am I telling you all of that? That's the place that we need to come from when we're building our programs. Like when we're building our fitness business, when we're building our social media marketing, when we're building our arrogance and belief, because I do think you should be arrogant, in the sense that you need to be arrogant about what you do every single day. When you're running a program, you have every right to believe in yourself, every right to be best version of you, every right to be that martial arts instructor, fitness kickboxing instructor that will an impact and solve the problem in your community. I think if we come from that place, from building our program, we're going to do some pretty incredible things. I want to thank you in advance for listening to that story and it has everything to do with all the content in this webinar and I want to give you some obvious inspirational thing because I don't believe in motivation. I think motivation gets away in five minutes. If you want to be motivated, drink a Red Bull. If you want to be inspired, build something that matters, which I imagine if you're listening to this webinar, you're trying to do in the direction that you're trying to go.


So yes, arrogance and a plan. Most people are content to wait around and let things happen. A 5th degree black belt is not a degree from Harvard, it's not an MBA from Yale to go out in the world make things happen. As being a parent now of a daughter who takes martial arts in my opinion one of the greatest martial arts schools in the country, I look at it from the other end. I don't care that the guy has an MBA or a Master's degree in teaching. I care that he looks out to my daughter as she's developing her skillsets. I think that's incredibly valuable and I'm so glad, I want to thank you for listening to that.


Yes, arrogance and belief. You have to believe in your program like literally. What is arrogance is this the same way I thought about Nick when he took classes, he was the worst student I've ever had, he wound up being the greatest student in the sense that he taught me so much about life, so much about martial arts and so much about making things great. That's I've operated from ever since. That's our first point.


Guys, let's set away maybe not eloquently, but let's totally set away to social media. Social media marketing is not going to last, as we know it, it's not.




It's not going to be around forever. The Internet will, but social media marketing. What is going to happen is that companies like Nike, BMW, let's throw in Disney, Apple who is amazing. Steve Job's autobiography is incredible, a side note, totally picking that book, but it's not going to last. I mean those people are going jump onboard to Facebook, Instagram, and they're also pumping in their marketing dollars to attract attention to their brand. What's going to happen when they do that is that the cost per customer, our customer acquisition cost is going to rise exponentially. It is, it's happening right now. The days of we can run ad during the Super Bowl or we can run an ad on a billboard on the Metro Highway are going away because these companies are going to move from that platform to Facebook, Instagram, Internet, and drive their business that way. What does that mean for us? That means that our spending is going to unique, it's going to cost us much more two years from now to get a customer through Facebook and Instagram as it is right now. That's incredibly useful to think about when we're running our staff meetings, when working on our spending, and when we're thinking about where we're going to go and what we're going to do. I want to communicate that to everybody and I think it's important. There are people that say well, if you have an organization, Facebook doesn't work. Yea I guess, maybe their content is awful. Maybe the picture that you put out isn't resonating with your local community and that's important. I want to communicate this to the PerfectMind community, content is the incredible valuable that separates you from your competition. Stop using stock photo and start using your students, your family, the people closest to you. Use your tribe. Your tribe is the five people closest to you and use them to pump out your content because your audience is going to see there's a level of you being genuine in promoting your program and that's real way possible. That's what's going on with Facebook right on. If you don't believe me, take a look at Facebook, and take a look at social spending. What's happening right now is that people are spending money on Facebook and redirecting them to places like ClickFunnels and LeadPages. But what's happening is Facebook, in my humble opinion, is changing their algorithm to where they want you to fill things out on their platform and who wouldn't. A PerfectMind who is a company I love, why wouldn't they wanted you to spend more time on their platform versus going somewhere else and find a different solution? So Facebook is doing that right now. Right now if you get nothing else from this webinar, Facebook lead capture, that's something that we need to be spending money on and getting your potential prospects to spend money on in the moment. That's a really incredible thing. Alright, let's put a way into the fitness business.


Is it possible to build a fitness building within your martial arts school? In my humble opinion - yes, absolutely, 1000%. Here's the variable: you have to be in love with it. I live, it's going to be another slide in this webinar. Me, Chris, I define who I am. I live in the intersection of fitness, fighting and psychology. That's what I do for our organization, for our fitness business. For you and your school and your staff, what do you love? What is the Vent diagram of where you live? What are you working on, what are you attacking, what are you doing, what get you up at 6 AM in every morning and say "Wow! I can make an impact, I can make an incredible difference!" And that's the usual amount they come from.


Alright next slide - what an EDM DJ taught me about social media. Vanessa was teasing me before the webinar because I'm like music blasting, it's just how I got on stage. If you look at some of these DJs. Forget just DJs, let's open it up to like the Rolling Stones and even the Beatles in their day and any type of musician, their marketing is outstanding, it's incredible. It taps into this emotional channel with people where they just can't get enough. And if we leverage that, look at that, and apply to that to our schools, and apply that to our fitness program, it has tremendous values. So I hope you totally take advantage of that.


#1 - I get it, you're over Facebook and Instagram. Guys, I'm going to tell you right now openly in this forum, I'm over Facebook. I don't want to wake up at 7 AM and post things.




I just know that I have to, it's important, it's something that drives attention right now. People live by the remote controls of their life which is their cellphone and mobile device. When they wake up in the morning, it hits the stem brain centers as an addiction center in the brain that people tap into when they pull out their smartphones, when they pull out their mobile device, and they check social media, and they check Instagram. There's something exciting, something incredible and amazing going on when people pull out their iPhones and they click the Instagram icon and all of a sudden they have 20 likes. It's like wow! validation, I matter, things are great, things are fantastic. For a person like me, and you may feel different, I don't like spending every second on Facebook and Instagram. I just don't. I was telling our partner, our CEO, my mentor, the guy who taught me about life, Mark Russo, for some days I just don't want to do it, I'm over it. I'm literally just not interested. I want to wire into my computer, I want to connect with people, and I want to make progress, but you're reminding me that this is the new work. In 2018, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, podcast which is coming incredibly soon. So if you don't have a podcast right now, that is something that on your Monday morning staff meeting you should be talking about. What can you say that's uniquely different than your competition, what can you say that you're incredibly passionate about. The way I was passionate about learning how to be a teacher when I met Nick and his family. Because that is going to so huge over the next couple of years. I'm not Nostradamus but I know this, it's incredibly important to start moving into that realm, category. Maybe you won't be Tim Ferris, maybe you won't be Tom Bilyeu, maybe you won't be Gary Vaynerchuk or Grant Cardone or Tai Lopez, but you will be a celebrity in your area about the things that matter by podcasting. Why? People are on the go. There's a ton of distractions going on in the world, like a ton. When you drive on the streets, there's skyzone, there's altitude, there's Wendy's, there's McDonald's, there's everything you can possibly imagine to get in your way and distract you from what really matters, right. So what do people do when they want to think, when they want to learn, when they want to progress, when they want to be the best version of them, when they want to attack perfection knowing it's impossible? They're going to listen to things in their phone. They're going to plug it in to Bluetooth within their phone, they're going to listen. So podcasting is incredibly important, okay.


Maybe you love Facebook and Instagram, and that's amazing, you have an incredible advantage over me or people like me. But if you don't, it's something that we need to think about not weekly but daily, every second of the day. Great tip: download this app on your phone, it's called WhenToPost. It tells you based on your profile through Instagram, through Facebook, exactly when to put out your post to get the most effect out of your audience. That's something that we need right away, immediately. It's called WhenToPost. Download it to your phone, it's easy to use and I swear by it. It gives you a heat map. It's something like $2 a month but it gives me a heat map of exactly when I set up an Instagram post, and exactly when I set up my Facebook group post, exactly when I set up my Facebook profile. So that's huge and something I'm used to talk about. Every week should be one of those meetings where you're connecting with your staff and the type of work that you're doing is not to wreck them hell, I mean granted, like okay fine. You want to send out direct mail, awesome, fantastic, and I'm sure it has some great branding moment, but who want to build a business over time and you want to get a number. I don't know what that number is for you. Maybe it's 100, maybe it's 200, maybe it's 300, maybe 500. Direct mail is not going to get you there. What's going to get your there right now or over the next couple of years is social media marketing. So when you're sitting at your staff meeting and I know it feels like real work, decide what the picture should look like, what the text should like. If you're looking for something tangible, nuts and bolts, free, love, no and add. Those are words on your social media posting with emoji icons, I know that sounds crazy but the reason emoji icons work is that when everybody pause in their newsfeed and the first thing they see isn't a word, icon, that's emoji or a smile or fire emoji, they're going to pay attention to it. Versus someone who's going on some crazy political rant that gets one like. And that's extremely important to understand when you're building your martial arts business and also building your fitness business.




So I get it, maybe you're over Facebook, maybe you're over Instagram, or maybe you're absolutely in love with it, and that's incredible, that's cool, but we still have to understand these rules, and understand that's the arena that we're competing at. I posted an ad and it didn't work. It's interesting, we get this every now and then from our locations, but maybe you didn't do the ad right, maybe the image wasn't right. It's like sparing. You miss somebody with a side kick, you angle and blitz, you're missing their block, you fire the hook kick, and then you move again. And you keep trying until you score. The reason I pull that references I spend a lot of my time as // fighter, it's a sports in martial arts, it's something I completely resonate. That's what marketing is and that's where we need to attack, but I can say this with 1000% certainty: people are on Facebook, they're on Instagram, Snapchat is something they start paying attention, and YouTube is definitely they pay attention to. I mean think about it, YouTube like freewheeling Google, they hate Facebook. I bet Google wishes they were in front of the congress, because they would give them validation like wow! you made it, we're at the top stage of life. So those are the values we need to be pumping our martial arts school with.

What are you posting, what is unique story, what makes you different? This is a great quote from the show Gillian. I don't know if you guys watch it, maybe you do, maybe you don't. And so everybody is like what are you the absolute best at in the world? Compared to your competition. Forget the world, let's talk about your competition. What separates you from everybody in your area, what makes you different, what makes you special, what makes you awesome, what makes you amazing. That is the story that you're branding on Facebook. That's what you're doing in a methodical way.


Let's // into the EIE. You're going to take your unique story. I mean you don't have to, you can do anything you want. By the way I'm more than happy to connect with anybody in this webinar, please send me over the DM or call me, let's have a great conversation. If you're local, let's go hang out. But what is the EIE formula for social media advertising and spending? Entertaining, Inspiring, Empowering, then sell. Let me repeat that again because that is huge, that is something we all need to write down and leverage. Entertaining - Inspiring - Empowering, then sell. And sell doesn't mean that you're pushing a $19.95 special includes the uniform, three lessons and a subscription to Sports Illustrated. It means that you're pumping up your program because you deserve to be pumped up and your audience will gain tremendous value from the things that you offer and the things that you bring to the table. So EIE. Everything you post on Instagram, Facebook, social (media), Internet, should be Entertaining, Inspiring, and Empowering, and you're going to sell. You'll notice that, look at really great Facebook pages, look at PerfectMind, they're brilliant at it. PerfectMind's incredible. Farid built a software program out of his karate school at night. It's this national-like amazing thing going on and introduce this incredible amount of talent that they continue to build and continue to facilitate. Guys, I had no interest, I don't work with PerfectMind. All I know is I really like them and enjoy them and appreciate them and love them. But when you talk to Kobe, that guy is worth building up and worth pushing. He's amazing, right. But they do it, we watch the way they do things. They're Entertaining, they're Informing, and they're Empowering. Entertaining, I'm sorry, Inspiring, and they educate, they empower, right. It's really amazing what is it that they're doing and they sell.


Selling doesn't mean that you're putting up something like $9.95 flash sale, that could be included in your marketing which I totally suggest that, but you're really building a platform that's interesting and people are excited about. By the way in the EIE Formula, Entertaining is the most important. People want to be entertained. We typically don't go this route but drama has a lot to do with attracting attention and people to your business. Alright, so EIE - Entertain, Inspire, Educate, sell. That's really important in your social media marketing. I want to give you a nut and bolt that we use at our locations. If you're not sure what to use for Facebook, you're not sure what to use for Instagram, do this, do this right here. By the way I reserve the right to pull back because the variable is the content that you put out. If the content is great, if the pictures are great, if the image is great, if the message is great, you'll get students, you'll get leads. But this is the formula that we suggest that you follow.




Spend $100 over three days, don't stretch it out to a week. $100 to $150 depending on how aggressive you feel that day. Boost through your audience $75,000 average medium income of moms 25 and older, and that is where you're going to spend your money on your Facebook campaign. If you don't have Facebook lead captured, redirect it to your landing page. You ClickFunnels, you can If you do that, over the course of time you will your students. That is die hard front note, please message me, let's catch up, and we can take a little bit further, but that's a formula that's pretty amazing, tried and true and awesome. And I have to say PerfectMind has done incredible job there.


Next, leverage Facebook groups to build a cult following. Alright guys, the cool thing about Facebook groups is that people either have to accept membership or you have to add them. Other people add them to your group or they add themselves to the group. What that means is that over time you're going to develop a community of people that are listening to your message. I have news for everybody: if you try to sell them every five minutes, buy this T-shirt, buy this uniform, do this, you will lose them. They will leave the group, they will not be interested in anything you have to say. You have to do it methodically. If you need absolutely one of those people that need a formula to follow, follow the EIE because that will do it in your Facebook.


What are you posting if you talk about fitness? Nutrition gets a lot of likes. One of our fitness kickboxing coaches in-house Pam post up a nutrition session where she talks about what to make, what not to make, what type of food to add into your diet and into your lifestyle, and she'll get 30 likes on our Facebook group. I'll post up a video of, I don't know, me doing a handstand push-up and it gets like two likes. So if you're looking for a gem - nutrition, absolutely, nutrition is the way to go. Nutrition, working out, motivational quotes. We're going to get to art work that you can develop online for free actually to post on your social media networks, but that's simply the way you want to go. Avoid basic text, avoid basic like "Hey everybody, this is Chris at X Karate School, how's everyone doing?" Don't do that. Things that are engaging, things that are going to spark. This is interesting. One of our instructors, a millennial generation and I'm probably in that category somewhat, like inner confusion going on, but he said, "You're as good as the thumb swipe on someone's phone." So your content that you put up it's got to pop, it's got to be amazing, it's got to be awesome, it's got to connect to people, it's got to get your message across, it's got to get what separates you from your competition across and entertaining all the time, which is always fantastic.

Let's finally answer the question what an EDM DJ taught me about social media. Use your brand, guys, your brand. Who are you, what is the impact of house on people, what is your sound, who is your audience. It's so amazing, and it's such a psychological/business/motivational breakthrough when you can define exactly who your audience is and talk to them. You are superheroes. I mean think about it. In your business, in your martial arts school, you are Batman, you are Superman, you are Wolverine, you are Jean Grey. Decide what superhero you are and post that. Now it's the story that you want to communicate through your emails, through your social media, through your planning, through your parents and students and that has tremendous value, incredible value. What is your brand, what is your sound, what is your audience. These DJs get millions and millions of likes every single day because they're exciting and motivating. They're in love with what they do. And the DJs that are good at what they do are dwarfed by the people who are passionate and in love with what they do. So that's they way I think we need to look at our martial arts locations and our fitness. What area of fitness can you leverage right now to make an incredible impact on your school. Like what are you in love with? Maybe it's zumba. Not my thing, maybe it's your thing. Did you take a CrossFit class and say, "Hey you know what, I can integrate this with a few martial arts things that I'm doing at karate. Really awesome class!"




And leverage the parents and the students who are watching to make something really cool, and that's the place that we need to operate from that. I can tell you this, if you hire somebody like outside because you don't want to deal with it, you're not interested in running a program and you want to outsource it to somebody to pump up numbers, it will fail, it will fall flat on your face. So it's something that you and your staff have to talk about, get Zen-ed about, meditate if that's your thing. I was never into meditation but I will say this, may the // so I'm into it now, right. But it's something to talk about with your staff and to integrate it to your school. That's always an amazing thing to happen and basic thing to do. So, figure out what you're in love with. What fitness program will fit you, your knowledge, your brand, and push it.


Next - what type of fitness program should I offer? This is interesting, we'll spend on this for a second. What is the Venn diagram of your business? I said this earlier but me, Chris, I wake up every morning and I live in the intersection of fitness, psychology and fighting. And the intersection of that is how I build my business and I help build our business Amerikick and AKX Kickboxing. For you, what is it? Is it yoga, is it high intensity interval training? By the way side note, let me digress, high intensity interval training is popular, it's getting a lot of attention. You can run a fitness program at your school really easy by doing station training. What does that mean? Let's break it down: battlebans, dumbbells and cardio. You could literally run a 30-minute to 40-minute class, their programs are successful doing that type of model with having one station where they do battlebans, one station where they do overhead presses with the dumbbells, and one station where they're hitting the bag and punch it. And then switching live music. Music inspires people, right. It hits them, it helps them escape. A great piece of advice I got from one of our kickboxers. I don't know advice but it let me think about this. She said, "When I work out, I don't want to think about anything. I want to zone out. This is my time. I want to be in a place where I don't have to think about my job, about work, the client that got under my skin, the person that pissed me off, I don't want to do that. I want to zone out." I don't know if that makes sense but that's what they get on our program. So for me, Chris, I found that incredibly valuable. Like wow, yes people want to zone out, they don't want to think, right. So if you're running a fitness program at your school or you want to take it to a whole new level. Let's just say you have fitness kickboxing that you're running right now, that's doing something, and you hit a plateau. That plateau maybe an incredible success and you're frustrated, you // every night driving home and think, "I want to take it to a new level," maybe it's a high intensity interval class. Call it something new. Who doesn't like something new? I do and // curious about it. When I see something new on Facebook, when I see Tony Robbins post something on Facebook that's new, I'm always curious, I'm intrigued. So high intensity interval training, the numbers A) supported if you look it up, you do your homework on Google, and B) it's easy to run. I mean I would suggest not doing it in your karate uniform, it's almost like you have to switch the venue from being like teaching both staff and kids punches and all that stuff to putting on shorts to teach others in tanktop and being a fitness-type venue, but that's something that will connect with your customer and they really appreciate. It's easy to do. One section battlebands, one section overhead presses, the other section they're punching and kicking the bag. They're doing 2-minute intervals for half hour. And there you go, you're charging an additional fee for that program every single month. And it takes your school, your locations to a whole new level. So that, the Venn diagram of your business. That is worth the meeting. Sit down with your staff and talk about it. I used to feel weird with our team, sitting down talking about the way an ad to be structured, or the resolution or the DPI of an ad, or what words we should be saying on Facebook to send something out. But we found over time is that's incredibly worth it and that's the place you need to spend more time.


Customer Acquisition Cost. Once you figure the diagram of your business, the Venn diagram, how much does it cost to bring somebody new into your school? I don't know what that number is. I don't know but that's something that we need to figure out right now. We could take it deeper. I did a webinar before which I tried to map out the acquisition cost, member acquisition cost, and customer acquisition cost. What does that mean? A lead is someone who tries your program for $10 special or $19.95 or six weeks for $69, which by the way I'm not the biggest fan of, because I feel like you need two months to enroll that person into a membership. I'd say two weeks for $69 which I'd rather get them excited, motivated, enthusiastic at $10 and enroll them into a $139, $149, $159 program per month.



But that something obviously is a great idea to communicate with your staff and your management team, but how much does it cost to bring somebody in? What's the lead cost, what is the member cost? Meaning that how many people stay with you for three months? And what's your customer acquisition cost? That might be reversed, the members may be sell out of it. The point is how many people are paying you that came in over leads special off of Facebook that are still with you after six months? That's incredibly important to know, that is something that you should be writing on the whiteboards at your school and communicating with your staff, because that's ultimately give you the // long term success of your location. PerfectMind wasn't around for five minutes because they concentrated on leads and lead acquisition cost. They concentrate on customer and acquisition of customer and membership acquisition cost, which is why they're the biggest software company in our country. You could probably argue that and debate after me but I'm on the side of their doing what they do for a reason and they're doing some really amazing things. So that's cool to understand.


So developing a Venn diagram. How much does it cost you to get a new fitness kickboxer into your location, or a high intensity interval training client or a yoga client? How much is that? Once you figure that out and figure out how to trim the expenses, which I'm more than happy to take you through like I said fire me an email or phone call, I love talking to people, guys. I'm not of these people that you press 5 you contact Chris, you leave a message. Let's touch base, trying it out and talk. But what does it cost you to get somebody brand new into your business, okay.


Fitness programs that drive revenue. If you want to add a fitness program that adds revenue to your location, start with what you love, figure out your customer acquisition cost and then push, push really, really incredibly hard.

Alright, 30-day challenge. If you're looking for nuts and bolts and how to boost your enrollment through a fitness program at your school, offer a 30-day challenge. I can tell you // wide and popular but they already know. And if you follow different Facebook groups and connect with people that are doing some really cool things in the CrossFit space, the fitness kickboxing space, the high intensity interval space, the weight loss challenge space, you'll find some really cool things. But 30-day challenge puts a psychological timeline on consumers that cause them to action. It tells them innately that after 30 days I'll achieve a certain level of aesthetic, I'll achieve a certain level of fitness, a certain level of mindset, and a certain level of endurance. How are you going to do it at your school? I train RZ's and the people closest to me to attack through all available communication opportunities. What does that mean? It's cool to Facebook message somebody. It's okay to text somebody. Like Colby could probably tell you the best way to get a hold of me is through Facebook Messenger. I don't know why that is, maybe my Facebook page is up all the time and that's not because I want to escape and get some type of endorphin rush by seeing who like my post, but it has everything to do with it's available, easy, convenient. That's the way the world communicates right now.


So when you're connecting with your 30-day challenge and your existing members, you're in a touch base with your parents, Facebook message them. If you're like embarrass about it and I get it, it's weird to say, "Hey we should buy this." You can phrase it like that but a cool way to post it and set it up for parents is "You know I don't know if you know anybody who might be interested in this, we're pushing this, we're excited about it, we're motivated about it and we'd love to have you onboard." And send it to LinkedIn and there you go. If you're text messaging somebody and you feel a little bit 'should I be doing this, this is not cool, this is cool,' if you feel weird or apprehensive about it, at the bottom, write this in parentheses, text stop to stop. You see, big marketing companies do the light work for us. They already understand how to attack Facebook Messenger and text messaging. So when you type that on the bottom, text stop to stop, after you put the offer, it puts in the consumer's head that you've already done the light work and that you're a big company that's trying to get a new business, and it's okay, it smoothes over the fact that you're just text messaging them, trying to get them to sign up for a $9.95 special or $10 special, so on and so forth.




So 30-day challenge promoted to your existing parents, to existing students. At the end of your classes, "Hey Moms and Dads, what's up! This is Sensei Chris. Just want to let you know we're starting our next 30-day challenge. Thank you so much for being a part of our location. It's great people like you that help us do what we love most which is provide fitness classes and martial arts classes to great families like you. We'd like your support and we'd like your help in growing this program." They'll be happy to help you. One thing I learn from my cousin who is a lot smarter than me is that people want to be involved with things, they want to feel a part, they want to feel a part of the culture, they want to feel a part of the community. Your 30-day challenge is something that you can do if you don't have a fitness program right now. Or if you do and you're looking to take it to a whole new level, it's going to totally jumpstart your success. So, absolutely integrate that immediately to // enrollment and you're going to love the results, you're going to love where it goes. Alright, let's move on.


Creative tools that create amazing content. Guys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, aesthetic means a lot. It does. I mean there's something to be said that Apple spends millions of dollars every single year and coming up with custom fonts that are only available on and not available to you and me. It's important. Aesthetic matters. When you're driving on the highway and you look up at a billboard and you see video shot with Apple iPhone, that's because Apple understands that's aesthetic, creativity, the look of things, image, go a tremendously long way in promoting your business and building your brand, a culture, a following. So that is something that you're talking about Monday morning, yes it's important to figure out where your leads are coming from. This is just my humble opinion but putting flyers on cars is not the way to go. It's usually a default to. Okay, what aesthetic can we push on Facebook that's going to create a lasting effect? It's important. If you haven't already got this, from you know what I'm talking. Apple when they start pumping on Facebook, I think us as a martial arts/fitness community are going to have to do some really rethinking, because they are the best at what they do. Jony Ive's a genius. Jony Ive's the Creative Director of Apple which most of you probably know. But let me give you some tips right now, tangible things that really I hope and I can't stress this enough that you can implement in your school, in your staff right now to put out amazing aesthetic. I was on Facebook, I scroll to the home feed and see things that are empowering, inspiring, educational, awesome. We create  // for our business, right. But there's things that are incredibly funny too, like the student picking their nose in the background when the instructor have fallen asleep. And two kids in class are not going a long way in promoting your business and driving leads to your location, they're not. I mean there's aesthetically pleasing things and there's aesthetic things that can completely hurt you and your business. So I will say right away, and by the way this is a part of my everyday activity to touch base with our partners and say, "Look, am I spending too much time on this?" just to make sure I'm not nuts and crazy, but these are things that I look at and use to pump out on social media, and I'm incredibly selective about it.


1) - it is free. Write that down: If you want the free version, I pay for the upgraded version, I think it's totally worth it, but if you want the free version when you create a Facebook post, when you create an Instagram post, when you create a fitness post, at the bottom right hand corner when you create your ad, click it and remove the watermark, and add your branding mark on it. So if you're XYZ Martial Arts, Spark gives you, even on the free version, to remove the watermark at the bottom and replace it with your unique branding material. They have it figured out, like they actually have a section where you can click and it gives you examples of amazing posts that people had put out or the company had to go up that really create a resounding, amazing effect on the consumers so people look.




What does that mean? It looks cool, it looks awesome, it really does. The font is cool, the text is cool, the pictures are cool. You can actually use free pictures through their non-royalty images that they offer. You type in something like 'motivation' and then you type in a quote that resonates with you. For me 'great people understand that perfection is an impossible destination, but they still have the arrogance to bust their tail to try and get there'. That is something I can put in Spark and create a high definition piece of content and post it to our consumers and send it to our franchisees and send it through Facebook and Instagram and Snapchat, and so on and so forth.


Canva is another one that is worth looking into. Very inexpensive but it's something that will create some really awesome content for you.

Photoshop elements. One of my favorite quotes, it's kind of cheesy but suck it buttercup. Photoshop elements is going to take you a couple of days to learn but it's so worth it. It's like suck it buttercup, I mean it literally is. It's one of those things where you jump off Photoshop elements and learn how to use that background //, you learn how to use certain lighting effects, and now we'll go such a long way with creating marketing content for your fitness business. What type of fitness content? Before and after pictures nail it. They kill it. It's a grand slam home run. If you're a Yankees fan, it's Aaron Judge, and by the way I'm from Philadelphia, I'm not allowed to be Yankees' fan but if I was Aaron Judge knocks it out of the park. That Photoshop before and after pictures. People saying how amazing your program is goes incredible a long way. If you want to go back to that spending formula that we talked about, imagine spending $100 on a formula with a hyperlink over to your Facebook lead capture or your landing page, and saying, "Check out Justin Smith. He's started our program, he was X weight and now he weighs Y weight." That is powerful, validation. People want to look at it and see something tangible, something they can wrap their heads around.


Lightroom is a cool app. Download that on your phone, it's cool. You can take a picture through your iPhone or smartphone. I keep saying iPhone because, I don't know if you pick this up and you probably did, it's an incredibly smart audience, but yeah I'm an amazing fan of Apple. Like weird Chris fat I listen to the crazy ones commercial from Steve Jobs version not the other one, before work. It gets me fired up, it gets me in state to go and try to make an impact.

And then email builder like Mr. Marketer. We have one of our franchisees calls the other day and this is a testimony that I hope PerfectMind can use. He says, "Dude, I don't have to pray about it. They pump out this crazy, awesome, incredible content, I don't have to do anything." So those are the greatest tools that you want to use.


iMovie is easy. You film a video and you put a caption on the bottom. You send it out to your students, to your parents, through your Mr. Marketer, through your email engine on PerfectMind, and it goes such a long way of pumping up your program.


What I put if creative tools aesthetic and building your culture brand and finding out where you live, in other words what's the intersection that you pump your program from, was a stock, I invest all of my income into it. I think that's where we need to be spending most of our time building our audience. Obviously there's other things. If your classes aren't good, you're not going to have a great program. Other than the next story, another big breakthrough for me was the fact that my daughter takes martial arts. At the cost that you tell me, at the cost that you'll laugh at me, let me tell you this, my daughter took karate class here I'm at the Amerikick Martial Arts and // New Jersey which is amazing. Mark Russo, everybody knows him. If you don't know him, google him because he's, in my opinion, one of the greatest leaders in our industry. The guy's like they're fantastic. He taught me a lot about life. I brought my daughter into his karate school. The head instructor there is Anthony who's amazing, jumped in class. And my daughter jumped in and she thrives and the instructor knew exactly how to communicate with her. Know exactly what to say, exactly what to do, high five her at the right time, corrected her at the right time.




I went to the back office where I'm giving this webinar right now and cried my eyes out, I bawled, because I saw the floor from a different view point that I'd ever seen that. I used to see it as an instructor, how do I get these kids to pay attention, to following lines, to listen to the message, to be structured, to balance the equation of discipline on the one side, fun on their side and respect somewhere in the middle. I understood that and I can build that and create that with people.


But when I saw my daughter do class for the first time, plugged an emotion trigger that I've never seen. That is what we need to build on Facebook, that is what we need to build on Instagram, that is what we need to build when we teach our classes, that is what our product needs to be day in and day out. I can't communicate that enough or say that enough or push that strongly enough. And 2018 is all about a) the creative tools that help you build that social media. They're going to help you build that through the Internet platform; and b) the content on the floor. Let me ask you this question: if I brought my little girl to your school, how are you changing her life? If my best friend came to fitness kickboxing at your location, how are you facilitating transformation? The second you can communicate that using Spark, Canva, Photoshop elements, Lightroom, your email builder like Mr. Marketer which can knock you out of the park, through iMovie, you're going to get to some really awesome, amazing places.


Let's talk digital lead generation. How do I get leads? Let's go back to the formula. Spend $100 to $150 over three days to a targeted area, $75,000 media income, 25 and up, people who are moms. And if you're targeting fitness, 25 to 55 and target fitness, fitness kickboxing, CrossFit, getting in shape, 30-day challenge. Spend it and do Facebook lead capture or redirect it to PerfectMind's landing page platform. You will get leads and you will get people to sign up online.


Good rule of thumb, and this speaks a lot to our program, it speaks a lot to what we do as business owners, but you should be capturing 20% of people to sign up online for you. One of my franchisees laughed at me, he's like, "Chris I've never heard that before." I was like, "Mike, I want you drowning in names, numbers and emails." He giggled, he said I've never heard that in my life. But that's what you want. You want to be drowning in names, numbers and emails, and that's social special spending formula that you should use and it's my strong suggestion that you use. How many times you do it? Once a month. If you want to build a fitness kickboxing program and you want it to align with your martial arts program, do it four times a month. Two ads are specifically targeted towards fitness kickboxing and two ads are specifically targeted towards your martial arts campaigns. Why? It's confusing and it muddies the water if you have a kid during a martial arts punch on the flyer and on the same flyer you have a girl punching bag to communicate fitness kickboxing. Don't do it, it won't get you leads. I've already fallen on my face trying to do it, I don't want you to make the same mistake. So if you got one ad make sure they're independent of each other. Martial arts is one ad, fitness kickboxing is the other ad. That is something tangible, something useful, and I totally recommend that you do that. Should you use stock photo? In my humble opinion, no. Don't do it. It's just disingenuous, I just don't believe in it. If you can, let me digress, disingenuous was probably the wrong to use but I would rather use a kickboxer at a location who is experiencing an incredible transformation than the stock photo I got from or Adobe stock or something like that. Is there a place for it?


Yes. I mean if you're making your podcast or you're doing where you're running off // and you need fillers to use, you want to use stock video, that's cool. But use things that are custom to your location. You're awesome, you're special, you want to be the celebrity at your local business and you deserve that. So do that, take pictures. The great news is you can do it with your iPhone. The right way that you can use apps like Lightroom. You can use Adobe, Photoshop elements, you can Spark, you can use Canva to make some things that are pretty awesome.

How do you get students using this? Now we know what formula we're running for the ad. By the way I'll take you deeper, just give me a call.




I don't want to eat up all of Vanessa's time because I know she's incredibly busy, following everything that PerfectMind does because I do. Apple's the first website I go to. PerfectMind's probably two but they're progressive that they know what they're doing. But to move forward, how do I get students using all this? A) Use the formula we just talked about. B) Get in attack mode. Facebook Messenger, text message, emails. Guys, I'm more than happy to show you how to create incredible looking emails that you can pump out from PerfectMind. I'm a phone call and an email away. So use that, use that platform: email, text message, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat somebody. If you want to text somebody, call somebody, use all these avenues. If you're coming into your school from 9 AM in the morning until 3 (PM) and you're making a ton of phone calls and doing nothing else, it's not the way to go. That's like the first step. You're actually dipping your toe into the water of the lead generation that you could be creating. If you don't want to do it, hire somebody to do it because this stuff is so amazingly, incredibly important. But before you hire somebody, I can clearly suggest that we google lead generation, Facebook marketing, Snapchat, and Instagram. Twitter... full disclosure, I have a tough time with Twitter. I know it's important, I just have a tough time with it right now. I can explain that in more detail, I hope to connect and kick around some ideas. But at least Facebook, at least Instagram. Snapchat's something that pay attention too. Look at your parents when you teach class, they're all on their mobile devices, right. So imagine if they got an email notification that came up on their newsfeed as their kids are taking classes while you're teaching. It sounds crazy but it’s the power of //. I mean the phone's the remote control to people's lives. So that's how you're going to get students, that's how you're going to get members to your fitness program. It's a lot of little things that we have to be pressing the gas on all the time. I told somebody, I talk to Jeremy the other day, he's like 'tell me about the martial arts business, what it's about.' I told him this, "Look, dude, it's a million common senses is going on at exactly the same time. It is your job as a leader, as an owner to figure that out and to press those buttons that are going to drive membership." This is where it's at - lead generation.


Website - if you don't have a website, please get one, like immediately. There's no reason. If you don't have a website, the competitor down the street is beating you. So you need a website, you need your Facebook marketing going, you need your Facebook fan page going, you need your Facebook groups going, and the great news is there's this thing that you can attack immediately. So that is it. Thanks so much for listening, everybody. Vanessa, I want to thank you so much. You've been so incredible to work with. You're an amazing part of PerfectMind community and just thanks for including us and I can't tell you enough how much we appreciate everything that you guys do. And we're talking. I was talking to Vanessa, I was talking to a couple of our partners, and I hope to see you guys at the SuperShow. I will be at PerfectMind. You don't even know I work for Amerikick because I'll be pumping their software, pumping their CRM, and pumping their websites. Vanessa, thanks so much!


Vanessa: Wow likewise, thank you so much for that really exciting and insightful presentation, Chris, and for all your support throughout the years. I was going to mention that as well. We're really excited about this Martial Arts SuperShow in Las Vegas. It's happening in just over two weeks. Chris and I will be there for all three days from July 1st to 3rd along with some well established and extremely knowledgeable members of the PerfectMind team. We've been proud to sponsor and participate in the MA SuperShow for the past 10 years and this year is no different as we returning as a gold sponsor. So come by, meet the team or say hello to a familiar face. We'd love to learn more about your martial arts school and how we can help accelerate your school's growth. And due to the limited time that we have together on the webinar today, we're actually going to change things up a little bit. Our amazing presenter Chris has welcome all of our awesome attendees to send him your questions directly, so shoot him an email, send him a message on Facebook or even grab a coffee if you're in Philadelphia. Oh the final thing on the slide here, we do have a really special offer and it is exclusively for today's webinar registrants. All you have to do is email to get the details and we'll get everything set up for you. Keep in mind that this offer does end in one week on Wednesday, June 21, so be sure to get in touch soon if you'd like to take advantage.


Alright thank you so much, Chris, for delivering this outstanding presentation and for everyone tuning in today. We hope to see you next time.



Chris: Thanks, everybody, have an awesome night!


Vanessa Lo
Vanessa Lo

Vanessa Lo is the Marketing and Events Coordinator at PerfectMind. She coordinates webinars, campaigns, and events across North America to empower member-based organizations as they attract and connect with members. Vanessa holds a Communications and Digital Publishing degree from Simon Fraser University and has also studied at the National University of Singapore.

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