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What is PaaS?

PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) is a cloud-based platform that enables developers to create applications and services that are externally hosted and utilized over the internet. Users can easily use the PaaS service on their web browser. PaaS is an effective way to allow customers to build and manage web applications without having to create an application from scratch. Think of it as a framework from a provider where the consumer chooses configuration settings and software installation, while the provider takes care of networks, servers, storage and more.

Why PaaS?

The original purpose of PaaS was to lower the educational barrier to entry, as well as simplifying the coding involved for developers to launch an app. Not only can it greatly reduce the time costs of app development, it also allows the end user to focus on the app itself. This way, an organization can create a highly customized, high-level app without the complexity or knowledge of complicated coding. This customizability is the biggest draw for PaaS-type software, as it enables anyone from small business to enterprise to find a solution that meets their specific needs. Most PaaS models have different features and packages, enabling the end user to only sign up for the features that they need.

Another advantage of PaaS is having the infrastructure and applications managed by the provider with customer support readily available. Additionally, the best PaaS providers will ensure they keep developing their platform to better help their users. The end user can focus on everything they need to worry about in their business, while the provider keeps growing the application to help the end user succeed in their venture.

Utilizing a PaaS solution significantly reduces costs, as the development costs to create an in-house application can be huge. With the amount of data security on the best PaaS solutions, it becomes a no-brainer, even for large enterprise, to utilize a well-constructed and thought-out PaaS solution, instead of building their own. Your team can easily work together and collaborate, even if your members are spread out geographically. With the same application built accessibly through the internet, collaborations are a breeze. This is a large advantage for any enterprise, from smaller office to ones that span across a large distance.

PerfectMind PaaS

PerfectMind’s cloud-based management software is based on the PaaS concept. Our PaaS solution for enterprises is the parks and recreation industry’s first and it offers a powerful but easy-to-use cloud-based software solution that can quickly adapt and scale to evolve as your organizational needs change. Our small business solutions have helped support and grow over 5,000 member-based businesses, without the need for large overhead costs. PerfectMind helps organizations manage all aspects of their operations, from marketing and financing to greatly reducing time spent on back office functions. This allows supervisors and their staff to do what they do best – create an exceptional customer experience and take their communities to new heights.

PaaS solutions are incredibly flexible, adaptable, secure, and make it easy for companies of all sizes to find a solution that works for them. What PaaS solutions have you worked with in the past? Would you change anything about them? Let us know onFacebook, and follow us on Twitter and Google+, to stay up to date with all of your PerfectMind news.

Whitney Donaldson
Whitney Donaldson

Whitney is the Marketing and Events Coordinator for PerfectMind. She brings four years of marketing and communications experience with a focus in the digital media and technology industries. She has a Marketing Management Certificate from BCIT and an English Literature degree from the University of Victoria. She is an avid runner and swimmer, and enjoys spending her free time outdoors. She is motivated by a good cup of coffee, and conversations that convert a great idea into a reality.

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