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What Parents Should Know About Martial Arts

For parents who haven’t had much experience with martial arts, there may be a number of assumptions made about the practice. Whether it has to do with the perceived violence in the sport, a fear of injury, or the seeming lack of benefits that comes with practicing martial arts, there are a number of things that parents should know about it before deciding whether or not it’s fit for their child.


Here are some things parents should consider about martial arts.


It Can Be Valuable for Their Physical and Mental Development


Martial arts is an effective way to ensure that your child is being active, as it requires students to dedicate their time to fitness, making it an effective way to combat obesity. Beyond that though, martial arts offers a number of mental benefits too. With all forms, discipline is a key principle, requiring students to overcome obstacles and practice self-control. Students of martial arts also commonly build confidence through progressing through ranks and achieving mental, physical, and emotional growth.


Learn more about martial arts’ many benefits here.


It Discourages Violence


Contrary to popular belief, the principles of most types of martial arts generally discourage violence. The point of martial arts is to defend oneself as opposed to relying on and resorting to violence. Martial arts schools focus on respect, encouraging conflict resolution. Some schools even enforce suspensions or expulsions, in the event that a student becomes involved in a physical altercation that wasn’t due to a self-defense situation.


Martial Arts Can Help Them Succeed in School


Many teachings within all styles of martial arts are lessons that students can directly apply outside of class and into other areas in their lives, with such things as self-motivation, self-control, and respect acting as fundamentals to the principles of martial arts. Students’ memorization skills are also tested, as they are required to learn a variety of skills, techniques, forms, and philosophies. This can help students learn better in school, as their recall is tested as they demonstrate their knowledge on the spot during testing, sparring, and at competitions.


Liaising with parents is one of the most important things for any martial arts school. Keeping a positive rapport with them can help encourage your martial arts students and also improve and sustain retention rates.


PerfectMind’s martial arts management software can help you better manage your students, offering belt and rank management, membership management, attendance tracking, and more. It can help you create an extraordinary student experience while boosting signup and retention rates. Learn more about the management software here.


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