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What You Should Look For in a Membership Management Tool

When it comes to owning or managing a gym or health club, there’s a lot more to it than just making sure classes are running smoothly. One of the most important components is ensuring that your members are well taken care of. This can include making sure registration is simple, sending them regards when it’s their birthday or anniversary, or automatic renewal.


Here’s what to look for in a membership management tool that’s perfect for your business.


Comprehensive Member Profiles


Every membership management tool will help record all of your members’ the basic information, like name and contact information. But a truly useful tool should be able to populate more specific and detailed information automatically from other features you may integrate into the program, such as events, important dates, and membership level. Members should also have access to their own information and be able to modify it themselves through an online web portal.


Effective Email Marketing


One of the most important aspects for any membership management tool is an effective email marketing component. You want to be able to access and manage your members and their information easily, whether you’re handling scheduling, duplicates, family members, course levels, activities, financial information, or documents for every contact. Email is a great way to connect with your members and to remind them of any new promotions you may be offering.


Useful Data Reports


In addition to effective email marketing, having the ability to generate useful data reports is also crucial for efficiently managing one’s business. These data reports should give you detailed information regarding which members are attending what classes and what classes may be lacking attendance. With this, you can better schedule instructors and staff, while helping you reduce wasted resources.


Automatic Member Renewals


Retention is a popular topic amongst gyms and health clubs. Even though some of your members may want to renew their membership with your business, they may fail to do so simply because they’ve forgotten. Automating the renewal process for your members will help increase their chances of renewal. This process should be able to help you identify those who are up for renewal so you can send them reminders, which should be personal and timely.


Intuitive Payment Processing


Managing payment can become a time-consuming task but a good membership management tool can be an effective solution to this. Before selecting a membership management tool, be sure that it can seamlessly integrate with your payment processor and that it can also track and manage membership purchases and overdue payments, registration, refunds, and other such payment-related things.


PerfectMind is a powerful and easy-to-use software system to manage your business. Featuring membership management, attendance tracking, online booking and scheduling, and the intelligent Point of Sale (POS) application for you to sell merchandise, it’s an effective solution for your gym. Learn more about PerfectMind’s gym management software here.


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