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Why software integration is so beneficial for your organization

With a realistic budget, a new business has many hard choices to make when starting out. They need to use the limited funds they have to make various financial decisions and sometimes sacrifices must be made. One of the common sacrifices made by new, small businesses is utilizing common recreation software platforms such as Microsoft Excel, Quickbooks and others to solve the various recreation software solutions they require.  


While in the beginning this may be okay, once the company grows to a larger scale, the inefficiencies start to add up, as do the missed opportunities. Here we talk about why recreation software integration is so beneficial for your company.  


Life without Software Integration 


When a company cherry picks various applications to handle different tasks, they’re creating a siloed business system. Like patchwork, each piece of software added builds up a business system with poor planning that inhibits flexibility and productivity, while slowing down your ability to grow. Because the different software solutions don’t interact efficiently with each other, things can get very difficult between teams. 


Growth phases of your business are one of the most critical periods where everyone needs to be working together. This includes your recreation software, as the inefficiencies and disjointed processes can really bog down your employees; resulting in errors and time wasted. For example, one team might spend hours manually inputting information into the accounting and invoicing system, while others are pulling that same info from the CRM system for order fulfillment processes and to calculate sales commissions. If any orders were cancelled during this process, there would be a lot of work to reconcile the mistake. 


Increasing Efficiency 


An integrated recreation software system would eliminate much of the wasted employee productivity due to a siloed business system. Efficiencies go up very quickly due to automation and/or batching of common processes that occur in daily operations, such as order management, fulfillment, invoicing, cash collection, etc. Instead of having to hire new people to accommodate the increasing workload of a growing business, the software should take this on and staff can work on higher-value tasks. 


Real-time visibility is another huge benefit of an integrated recreation software system. With all of your applications interconnected, you can see a quick overview of your business at a moment’s glance, keeping you agile and knowing which areas you need to focus on. IT operation costs drop as well, since maintenance is done on one system, rather than multiple small ones. If your growth rate is high and a second location is in the works, an integrated recreation software system can easily account for that, making your growth more manageable. 


Once you’re ready to renovate your recreation software setup, we’ve got lots of resources for you. First, here are five things you must know before selecting your next recreation management software, and make a checklist. Next, learn how to write a request for proposal, or RFP, for membership management software. 


PerfectMind also provides Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to facilitate integration with your backend systems so that your organization can achieve fluid interconnectivity across platforms. Read more about it here. If you’d like to see PerfectMind in action and get a real sense of how it can empower and grow your organization, request a free demo with one of our senior success advisors.  


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