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Why you Need a Facility Management Tool

Beyond the day-to-day tasks of maintaining your recreation facility, it can be hard to stay on top of administrative responsibilities. This is where facility management tools can greatly benefit your organization, offering solutions to your membership management, billing, POS, financial reporting, and much more. Such management tools can help both smaller and larger organizations, no matter their goals, giving them a platform to streamline their processes and increase efficiency as a result.


Here’s why your facility should take advantage of a management tool.


Make Managing Day-to-Day Operations Easier


Since recreation facilities often rely on government funding to run programs for the community, it’s imperative that staff hours are spent wisely. When you have to manually take care of your day-to-day operations, it can really take a toll on both you and your staff. Here’s where a facility management tool can be an important resource. They should provide a platform through which you can painlessly manage activities, facilities, memberships, POS, and more. With your day-to-day operations better managed, you can instead spend your time creating enhanced experiences for your members.


Make Facility Booking and Rentals Simpler


As many recreation facilities offer space and equipment rentals to the community, it can end up occupying a lot of your staff’s time and energy that could be better used elsewhere. With a facility management tool, you should be able to streamline this process, making bookings and scheduling quick and painless. The tool should take care of such things as conflict and contract management, recurring bookings, equipment, and rental inventory to alleviate unnecessary work and stress that comes with facility management and rentals.


Make Activity Registration a Breeze


Many facilities focus on program registrations as the core of their focus, thanks to the potential benefits these community programs can bring. Allowing the community to book courses, private lessons, and drop-in classes online is one way to provide excellent customer service while also providing convenience to your members. Maintaining flexible registration both online and onsite won’t only create a very positive experience, but it may help you see an increase in registrations as well.


PerfectMind’s parks and recreation management software can help organizations of all sizes connect with their communities, giving your facility the ability to manage all aspects of your operations, marketing, and finances. Its integrated marketing and built-in reporting enables users to create, customize, and run any report at any time, allowing you to create and schedule custom financial, attendance, utilization,

marketing, and forecasting reports all from the same interface. Learn more about the software here.


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