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Why Your Facility Should Have a Women’s Only Kickboxing Class

Kickboxing is a great way to get into shape. Beyond that, it also provides those who practice the martial art basic self-defense tactics and techniques. While beneficial for both men and women, some individuals may feel more comfortable in a same-sex only class. This is often true for women, making women’s only kickboxing classes an excellent addition to any facility.


Beyond meeting potential newcomers’ comfort levels, here are some reasons as to why your facility should have a women’s only kickboxing class.



End Misconceptions


Diving into a new sport or workout routine can be intimidating, especially when it comes to martial arts classes. This can ring even truer for those who assume that kickboxing gyms or classes are predominantly for men. In providing women’s only classes, you show that women can not only join a kickboxing class and be comfortable, but they can also be really good at it.



Providing a Useful Life Skill


Kickboxing can help instill self-discipline, increase self-confidence, improve concentration and focus, and most importantly, increase one’s ability to defend oneself. This is a particularly important aspect for women. Statistics show that a substantial percentage of women have been assaulted over the course of their lives. These statistics may also reflect that women are not well equipped enough to defend themselves against a potential attacker.


While violence should always be used as a last resort, self-defense can help individuals protect themselves. Even understanding basic techniques that can allow them to flee from an attacker can make an enormous difference. Offering women’s only kickboxing classes can allow the instructor to focus on how to defend specifically against male attackers, in addition to other kickboxing techniques.



Better Sparring Partners


There are some practical purposes for holding women’s only kickboxing classes too. Men and women are more than capable of sparring with each other but, more often than not, there can be a disparity in size and weight between opposite sex sparring partners. This can give an advantage to the individual who is taller and stronger, making sparring a more one-sided practice.


When it comes to a women’s only kickboxing class, it may be much easier for instructors to find students of similar weight and height to pair up. Beginners may also feel more comfortable paired up with those similar to their own size so that they feel more capable during practice.


To help you incorporate new women’s only kickboxing classes a little easier, PerfectMind’s gym management software can help you schedule, market, and manage members with ease. The intuitive cloud-based platform’s online booking and scheduling function allows new and returning students to instantly register and pay for classes, drop-ins, and private classes, 24/7 using any device. Learn more about the software here.


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