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Digital Dance Class: Improving Classes with Online Booking and Scheduling

Improving the flow of your dance studio can make it easier to boost revenue, especially if your classes are very busy. You’ll want to keep your members happy by giving them convenience. Nothing is worse than rushing after work to get to your dance class, only to arrive and it’s full.


There are many benefits that come with dance school scheduling software. The increased efficiency will not only help you run classes more smoothly but also greatly impress students and potential students alike. The convenience factor is another plus for your students that will have them coming back for more – often times on a more frequent basis. With so many benefits, it’s a no-brainer to improve your dance classes with online booking and scheduling.


Availability and Convenience


One of the great benefits dance school scheduling software will give you is heightened convenience for your members. Keeping them happy is a good retention strategy and, in a competitive market, these small differences will matter, when potential dancers are trying to decide where to sign up. Features like online booking are a big selling point, especially for busy people who don’t want any hassle. This way, if a class is full, students will know ahead of time and work around the timing issue; the alternative is for your students to show up and either go home or take a different class.


Commitment and Predictability


For the same reason restaurants enjoy when customers make reservations, dance school scheduling software can help you with two things. First, with a member signing up for a class beforehand, it is more likely the student will attend. On top of this, reminder emails can be sent out, in case a student forgets. Second, it gives you a better idea on the volume of students that will be attending classes on a given day. You can also see patterns emerge with students booking classes, letting you predict the future flow of your classes and having a better understanding of which to run or have more frequently.




A successful dance studio needs to be well managed and running efficiently. One big cost that businesses incur is overstaffing. With online booking & scheduling, you know exactly how many staff you need to have on hand, since you can anticipate attendance. You won’t be right 100% of the time but you’ll be correct a lot more often than if you were scheduling blindly. On top of that, staff won’t have to manually check people in and handle payments, since dancers can do it prior to their arrival. Human error is minimized, as more and more students pay online.


More Page Views


Another great benefit with online booking software is that your website will get more page views. This means that promotions or anything you communicate via your site will be more likely to be seen. You can take advantage of this, by keeping your website up to date and making sure that students who go on to the online booking software see the news you want to share.


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