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Growing Your Yoga Program to Bring In New Members

Rapid growth can be common during a yoga studio’s early days, but for many studios, this growth may eventually plateau. In an effort to combat this effect, studio owners can help attract new students by offering more programs. Sourcing and highlighting instructors and classes can help spread the word about your studio, bringing in new clients. Staying up to date on trends is critical and practical yoga marketing ideas will further your studio’s growth. Here are some ways to increase your yoga programming, bringing in new members.



Refreshing your Yoga Program


Optimizing your yoga program offerings isn’t as tricky as it sounds. Utilize your yoga studio management software to generate reports on attendance which allows you to see which classes are most popular. Some studio's most popular classes are beginner ones, while others may have a higher demand for advanced classes.


If basic classes the most popular at your studio, adding more beginner and intermediate classes can help fuel growth. If advanced classes are more popular, this means that sourcing instructors who teach slightly more obscure types of yoga will help attract the earnest yogi. Analyzing what the competitors in your area are providing can help you identify gaps in class offerings, helping you decide what you want to develop.



Review your Marketing Plan


Once you’re happy with your program offerings, reviewing your marketing plan can help determine the best way to communicate this to potential students. Focus on digital marketing, as well as promotions. Email newsletters, ad campaigns, social media content, and outreach, as well as optimizing your landing pages, can help boost the number of prospective students.


Referral programs can also help your students share the news with others interested in yoga. Introductory rates are another great way to get students to check out your studio and re-introductory rates can get former students who no longer frequent your studio anymore to come back.



Highlight your Instructors


Your instructors are at the core of your business. Without good instructors, students will go to other studios to get the class that are of better quality. Once you find talented instructors, utilize your digital marketing to highlight their strengths. Ongoing training is essential for your instructors to stay competitive, which may also provide content for you to share. If you have student appreciation events, incentivize your instructors to attend. Yogis tend to become repeat customers of instructors they know and love.



Embrace Tech


Be sure to use technology as part of your digital marketing plan. Getting the most out of social media is needed for growing your school and there are plenty of apps out there to help you. Utilize Facebook and Instagram’s live features to showcase classes, host Q&A sessions, or give a tour of your yoga studio. All social media networks have video features that can be used to showcase your new program offerings - whether it’s a glimpse of a pose, a tutorial, or the instructor speaking about the benefits of the class.


Want to see more ways your digital marketing and technology can grow your studio? Check out PerfectMind’s yoga studio management software and keep your studio running in perfect harmony, with an intuitive cloud-based platform that manages memberships, marketing, billing, POS, and more.


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