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Selling More Fitness Memberships through Motivation

Motivation guides our behavior. Gym owners know this, as they see membership rates fluctuate, partly due to changes in their clients’ motivation levels. One classic example of this is session and sign-up numbers during first week of January numbers, versus the last week of February.


Successful managers who implement effective gym marketing ideas know how important marketing is for maintaining a healthy flow of new membership sign-ups. So how do you spur motivation through your marketing plans? Here are some things to think about, in order to help your gym do just that.



What is Motivation?


According to Merriam-Webster, motivation is “the reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way.” If the “reason” isn’t compelling enough, it’ll be tough to bring about the individual behavior.


We can break down motivation into a few categories. Intrinsic motivation is fuelled by internal rewards. For example, someone who enjoys jogging because of the foreseeable benefits towards their well-being and the feeling they get after a run is fed by intrinsic motivation. Extrinsic motivation is fuelled by external rewards such as money, awards or impressing people. While both are important, researchers have found that extrinsic rewards can sometimes reduce intrinsic motivation, especially when the rewards are expected, given for completing a particular task, or doing minimal work. The distinction between the two is very important, when it comes to motivating your gym members the right way.


Create a Culture


Every gym has its culture. On the surface level, some gyms might cater to bodybuilders, while others target fitness class fans. On a deeper, more complicated level, gyms have a subtle but noticeable culture that begins with the ownership and management team. To create the culture you want, you’ll need to pay attention to interactions between your staff, trainers, and your clients. It’s important to remember to greet guests personally, on a genuine, personal level. Make sure your gym management software helps you remember their birthdays and other important notes about them, to give yourself a helpful advantage.


Inspiring your clients is also a key factor. Whether that’s encouraging a lifter on their last set or participating in classes yourself, it’s always important to lead by example. What’s your company’s mission statement? Do you aim to boost well-being, prepare athletes for college, build strength and speed, or provide a fun place for seniors to get some physical activity in their lives? Once you have a positive culture at your gym – and you know what your specific purpose is – you can synchronize your marketing plan with this outlook.



Fitness Inspiration


Fitness inspiration (or “fitspo”) is very popular online, especially on social media networks like Tumblr and Instagram. If you want a useful gym marketing idea, look at social media as a great platform for spreading positive messages and motivation that will, in turn, help to market your school. For example, if you post very captivating and high-quality motivational pictures and videos through your Instagram account, you may receive a global audience. A higher following leads to your brand looking more credible, as well as causing more local people to know about the accomplishments and lifestyle associated with your gym.



Promoting Well-being


At the end of the day, we believe great gym marketing ideas should focus on boosting intrinsic motivation, This should be accomplished by framing your marketing towards improving the well-being of members, drop-ins and the larger community. That doesn’t mean you can’t have elements of extrinsic motivators within your marketing activities but the focus should be on fostering intrinsic motivation, to encourage long-term memberships and to help boost wellness, as much as possible.


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