8 Proven Ways to Convert Your Website Visitors into Newsletter Subscribers

8 Proven Ways to Convert Your Website Visitors into Newsletter Subscribers

It’s always good to increase your outreach, but a higher website visitor count doesn’t mean anything if your visitors aren’t converting into subscribers. Visitors who subscribe to your email list are substantially more likely to stay engaged with your business and eventually become loyal customers. Even a small bump in your email subscription rate could have a significant impact on revenue. Here are 8 proven ways to convert your website traffic into newsletter subscribers.

#1. Analyze Results

#2. Simplify Your Design 

#3. Let Visitors Choose a Frequency 

#4. Use Exit-intent Popups 

#5. Add Landing Pages 

#6. Invest in Content 

#7. Offer a Lead Magnet 

#8. Set up Lightboxes


#1 Analyze Results

Analyse Results - How to  Convert Your Website Visitors into Newsletter Subscribers


You can improve your approach to email marketing by making a few small changes, but long-term growth requires consistent self-reflection and attention to detail. Business owners that take advantage of marketing analytics have a clear idea of the pros and cons of their current strategies. It’s impossible to make informed decisions without this data.

Fortunately, most email marketing applications give you access to a number of important metrics. You’ll be able to view real-time information about each campaign and find room for improvement. You can also set marketing goals to measure your progress and give your team something to work toward.

Rather than showing the same ad to every visitor, for example, try two different ideas first and see which one leads to better results. You should continue monitoring performance even after you’ve reached your goals—this is one of the most effective ways to make continual progress.


#2 Simplify Your Design


Visually crowded websites can distract readers and draw attention away from your newsletter, so it’s critical to offer a clear design that’s limited to a few key elements. Find good ideas for newsletter templates and implement them to your newsletters. Don’t include more than a single call to action on any individual page—you might expect this to increase traffic, but users are much more likely to read a single offer.

Similarly, the registration process should be simple enough to complete in no more than one minute. Asking more than one or two questions on your sign-up form will decrease subscriptions and lead to a higher site abandonment rate. Visit your own website at least once per month to navigate the sign-up process yourself and identify any points of friction.


#3 Let Visitors Choose a Frequency


Receiving too many emails is one of the most common reasons users unsubscribe from newsletters, and it’s easier to provide interesting and unique content when you have more time to focus on each message. Decreasing your frequency can lead to an increase in sales.

Each subscriber has his or her own preferences for email frequency, so you should consider giving them the option to select the frequency that’s right for them. Some brands let users choose to subscribe to specific types of content depending on their interests. Either option can help you reduce your unsubscribe rate and send the right emails to the right users at the right time.


#4 Use Exit-Intent Popups


Popups are often considered an intrusive form of marketing, but they can be extremely valuable when used correctly. Rather than being displayed at the beginning of the visit, exit-intent popups appear when users come close to leaving your site.

Exit-intent popups typically include a lead magnet that makes visitors reconsider exiting the page. If users tend to leave your site during checkout, for example, you can add an exit-intent popup to the checkout page to reduce your abandonment rate.

Different offers are best for different users, so you should use audience targeting tools to customize the lead magnet for each segment. Visitors who clicked on a product ad, for example, are more likely to be interested in offers on that item. On the other hand, free shipping might be more effective when targeting people who start to leave during checkout.


#5 Add Landing Pages 

Create landing pages - 8 Proven Ways to Convert Your Website Visitors into Newsletter Subscribers

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Popups are one of the most common methods of advertising an email list, but you can also create a landing page that’s dedicated to increasing subscriptions. This makes each user consider signing up before continuing to the rest of your site.

Landing pages and popups are both unavoidable, but users generally respond more positively to a full landing page. Popups often seem more distracting than landing pages, especially if you simplify the design and make it easy for users to decline the offer. Again, A/B testing and comparing results is the best way to decide between different subscription forms.


#6 Invest in Content


It’s easy to overlook the benefits of strong content marketing, but improving your approach can have a substantial impact on customer engagement. Brands that offer better content show up higher in Google search rankings and often become thought leaders in their field.

Pages are ranked depending on their relevance to the user’s search, so you should tailor your content to common questions. This visit is the beginning of the customer journey, so achieving a higher ranking is one of the most powerful ways to identify new leads.

You can also develop a stronger web presence by creating profiles on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. These are effective channels for building your email list, and you can include links to your pages in marketing emails to engage with subscribers on social media.


#7 Offer a Lead Magnet


Most of your visitors already receive a lot of emails, so they probably aren’t looking for a new subscription. On the other hand, they’ll be more likely to sign up if they’re getting a tangible benefit in return. Lead magnets offer an additional incentive and are an incredibly effective tactic for building an email list.

Lead magnets are a relatively common sales tactic, so it’s important to offer something that provides a real value. Visitors should feel like they’d be missing out if they didn’t sign up for your list. Discounts, promotional offers, e-books, and other lead magnets will increase interest in your content.

Adding more contacts to your email list extends the customer interaction and gives you more opportunities to lead them to sign up for your classes. Experiment with different lead magnets to see what connects with your audience.


#8 Set Up Lightboxes


It’s critical to catch each user’s eye as soon as they visit your site, and lightboxes are a great way to simplify their experience and call attention to your email newsletter. If they came to your site to sign up for a membership, for example, they might not stop to subscribe unless you specifically highlight this option.

Lightboxes are typically used at the beginning of a visit, so they usually aren’t effective for increasing sales. On the other hand, many visitors will be willing to subscribe as soon as they access your site.

The success of your newsletter lightbox depends on the value of your lead magnet. If they aren’t interested in the offer, they’ll simply exit and move on with the visit. Every lead magnet should provide a clear value that’s related to your brand’s message. The most important thing is to build a sense of urgency that motivates the reader to sign up immediately.


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